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Montreal Will Spend $1,500,000 To Quickly Pave 10 Roads And Tear Them Up Again In 2019 Because They Didn't Plan For Snow

Ten of the construction projects Montreal was supposed to finish this year will now carry over into 2019. Citing the weather, the Executive Committee for Electrical Services Commission of Montreal announced today that certain projects that would have been finished by the end of 2018 will now be completed some time next year.

This will likely cost the city and additional 1.5 million dollars. Apparently the construction schedule counts on November being cold, but not snowy, causing certain projects to come to a halt. 

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TL;DR The City of Montreal has issued a notice that certain construction sites planned for completetion this year will not meet that expected target. Projects that were interrupted by the snowfall will be temporarily paved, torn up in the spring, and re-paved, costing the city an additional $1.5 million. The ten affected roads are listed below.

The Committee issued a press release today explaining that despite having an "exceptional summer," the refurbishment of some sites planned for completion in 2018 will not reach that stage this year.

The premature closure of 10 work sites means that these areas will need to be addressed again in 2019, once the snow has melted.

The ten streets are listed below and include Viau, Clark, Drolet, Saint-Denis and Jeanne-Mance.

The solution is to temporarily repave these sections to "ensure mobility." When the construction begins again next year, these sites will be torn up for permanent paving. The committee has made note of the effort to recycle the paving used.

"We will carry out a temporary paving on the sections concerned, to ensure mobility, safety, and the comfort of Montrealers during the winter break," says committee representative Sylvain Ouellet.

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The temporary paving will occur this month, so that cars and pedestrians can access the public spaces while there is ice and snow. The affected areas, according to the press release, are listed below:

  1. Clark Street, between Laurier Avenue and Arcade Street

  2. Coleraine Street, from Butler Street to Charon Street

  3. Lanaudière Street, between Rachel East Street and Marie-Anne Street East

  4. Rue Drolet, between the streets of Liège and Guizot

  5. Jeanne-Mance Street, between Mont-Royal Avenue and Villeneuve Street

  6. Lacordaire Boulevard, between Chauveau and Sherbrooke Streets

  7. Meunier Street, between Crémazie Boulevard and Legendre Street

  8. Saint-Denis Street, between Jean-Talon and Jarry streets

  9. St. Patrick's Street Phase 2, between Wellington and Island Streets

  10. Viau Boulevard, between Rosemont Boulevard and Beaubien Street

This latest news is unfortunately on par with Montreal's reputation for haphazard and mismanaged construction.

Stay tuned for more construction news.

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