Montreal Winter Cyclists Will Have Safer Bike Lanes In 2015

All Montrealers brave enough to ride their bikes all through the snowy and icy season that is winter are going to be happy about a recent change in the process of clearing of bike paths. In place since the dawn of the new year, all bike lanes on any street must be cleared of snow and ice, as enforced by the City of Montreal, reports Journal Métro.

As of January 1st, bike lanes on Montreal streets have been designated as "arterial," which puts said lanes on the same level of importance as the rest of the road. With this designation in place, bike lanes must be cleared of snow and ice like any other  "high traffic urban road," which is the definition of "arterial."

Individual boroughs, and not the City of Montreal, will need to actually clear the bike lanes, which, unfortunately, may cause some issues. One founder of the Montreal Bike Coalition, Pierre-Luc Auclair, believes standardized methods and deadlines for clearing bike lanes must be put in place, lest a borough leave a lane icy because the removal is not formally outlined or enforced.

Although the new mandate has some inherent issues, it is a step in the right direction, comments Auclair. Bike-only lanes would obviously be the better option, to better ensure the safety of cyclists, but at least now a formal directive is in place for boroughs to clear bike lanes, instead of leaving them all icy and dangerous.

Photo cred – ville de montreal

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