Montreal Woke Up To Crazy Pink Skies This Morning (22 Photos)

Best way to start the week.
Montreal Woke Up To Crazy Pink Skies This Morning (22 Photos)

Even though we may have lost one hour of sleep this past Sunday (thank you very much Daylight Savings) there was one major respite to our collective Monday morning: the picturesque pink skies seen over Montreal.

It’s almost like Mother Nature knew she had to compensate for the hour jump ahead, and made our morning a stunning delight as we exited our homes only to be greeted by the most stunning display of celestial lights and colours.

We definitely weren’t the only people to appreciate the immense beauty found in Montreal’s sky, as the city couldn’t help but document the sheer glamour seen this morning.

And in case you woke up far too late to see the distilled magnificence of Montreal’s pink skies today, let us show you what you missed in the photos below.

(Picture by Mike Sheppard)

(Picture by Ari Marlel)

(Picture by Sally Babah Saladin Saladinsane)

(Picture by Julian Fera)

(Picture by Jenny Cotoia)

(Picture by Alain Robert)

(Picture by Monica Symmers Swanson)

(Picture by Voula Paraskevi)

(Picture by Nicolas Vicenzo)

(Picture by Nahid Tondrou)

(Picture by Katayoon Noparast)

(Picture by Fatima Helmi Abu-shareef)

(Picture by Rob Hall)

(Picture by JD Bergeron)

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