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Montreal Woman Almost Throws Away $1 Million Dollar Winning Lottery Ticket

That would have been tragic.
Montreal Woman Almost Throws Away $1 Million Dollar Winning Lottery Ticket

The other day we wrote a story about Loto-Quebec looking for jackpot winners of Quebec.  Apparently, each year huge jackpots are won, yet they often go totally unclaimed.

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July-Chinna Su was at work when she saw a similar post on Facebook about the missing jackpot winners, and she was reminded that she had purchased a lottery ticket earlier that week.

The woman stayed at work all day wondering if her ticket was the winning one. When she arrived home she checked the numbers and to her very pleasant surprise, she realized that she had won the June 8 Maxmillions prize! More than a month after the draw, this Montreal woman collected her $1 million dollar prize.

So what does this woman plan on doing with the money? According to a source, she will be pampering herself first and possibly taking a trip to Asia to visit her family.

Although it's unusual for prizes that large to go unclaimed, the total amount of unclaimed prizes ranges from $2 million to $7 million annually over the past three years. At the moment they are still looking for several winners, you can check the number here.

Lesson learned: if you buy yourself a lottery ticket or receive one as a gift, don't forget to check it on the Loto-Quebec website! It takes just a minute, and it can be totally worth it.


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