Montreal Woman Discovers Worm In Her Catelli Pasta

Worms and pasta do not go together.
Montreal Woman Discovers Worm In Her Catelli Pasta

On Wednesday January 22nd, a Montreal mother found a disgusting surprise while making dinner for her family. Inside her box of Catelli lasagna shells was a cocooned worm.

Catelli Foods Corporation has confirmed the incident occurred.

The Montreal woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was preparing multiple lasagnas to feed her family in the coming weeks. After two hours of preparation, the woman reached into her box of pasta shells only to find a cocooned creepy-crawly.

Pictures and a video were taken, by the Montreal mother, as evidence.


The box itself was purchased only a few weeks prior, and left unattended for about an hour on the woman's kitchen counter. This was not enough time for a worm to crawl in, create a cocoon, and set up shop. No other box of pasta was infested.

Calling Catelli, the woman was offered the standard apologies and a set of coupons, a somewhat unfair exchange given the gross circumstances, and the amount of time and money already spent on food the woman was ultimately forced to throw out.

Catelli told the woman that the worm, one that feeds off of wheat, could not have entered the box in their facilities. Blame was shifted to the product's retailer or distributor, where the infestation was said to occur.

This insect incident comes only weeks after the Oasis juice debacle, where fault was similarly placed by the producer onto the distributor.

Certain types of beetle and moth larvae feed off of wheat, and this is not the first time a small worm has been found in a wheat product like pasta. Still, it is not so much the event itself, but rather how it was handled, that points to a larger issue.

No matter if the producer or distributor is to blame, the consumer has lost. The woman was offered a meager 6 coupons as a “sorry” from Catelli, a giant corporation which could have easily done more to please a very unhappy customer, rather than pushing aside the issue, placing blame elsewhere, and offering a small recompensation.

Customer-corporation relations aside, check your pasta boxes Montreal.

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