Montreal Woman Films 4 People Robbing Jewelry Store At West Island Fairview Mall

For the fourth time, Birks, the Pointe-Claire Fairvew Mall jewelry store, was robbed, with display cases smashed and employees pepper sprayed, according to Global. The robbery itself took place at about 8:15pm, and one mall worker managed to get on-the-scene footage of the burglary.

Using a smartphone, one (presumably) young Fairview Mall employee documented the tail end of the Birks robbery, managing to catch glimpses of the troupe of thieves as they made their mad dash out of the store and off the premises.

Justifiably scared, the female mall worker didn't hold back her emotions, letting off more than a few f-bombs to express her fear. No judgement, just be prepared for more than a few exclamations of "Fuck!" if you're watching at work.

CTV has the exclusive on the video. Watch the video footage of the Fairvew Mall robbery here >

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