Montreal Woman Films Herself Doing The #1fingerchallenge And NAILS It!

A NSFW trend taking over the internet.
Montreal Woman Films Herself Doing The #1fingerchallenge And NAILS It!

It's time to forget about the mannequin challenge, because a far more daring "selfie challenge" is taking the internet by storm.

It's called the 1 finger selfie challenge (#1fingerselfiechallenge). The idea is to take a naked selfie, but you can only censor yourself using 1 single finger.

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A Montreal YouTuber named Aimee Davison decided to attempt the challenge, and the video went viral. The challenge itself is based on a cartoon drawing created by Japanese anime artist Sky-freedom.

We contacted Aimee to find out exactly what possessed her to attempt this in the first place, and as it turns out Aimee is no stranger to going viral.

You may remember her from some other viral videos, including the Mentos Bikini and Diet Coke fail, and the video where Men Describe And Draw Their Ideal Vaginas.

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So, since taking a 1 finger selfie is harder than it seems, Aimee decided to help everyone out by filming herself figuring it out live.

The video got 200 views in the first 10 minutes, and it immediately got picked up by some internet news websites. Now people from all over the world are posting pictures of their own #1fingerselfiechallenege.

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We asked Aimee what was her favorite selfie so far, and she proudly answered:

My new one, responding to my haters

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For more social experiments about sex and culture, sexperiments and body-positive art projects, you can follow Aimee Davison on her website, on YouTube, and on Instagram.

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