Montreal Woman Gets Human Cake Made For Her Birthday

Woah, intense!
Montreal Woman Gets Human Cake Made For Her Birthday

As I was scanning through Facebook this morning, I stumbled upon these photos and thought to myself, "Woah, this looks like a sick party and I have to write about it!" I mean, see for yourself:

So I got in touch with Dan Pham, owner and general manager of Le Red Tigerrestaurant to find out what exactly happened at this party and why was I not invited. 

"[At] Red Tiger we are known for our food but we do really good parties too," says Dan Pham. Let me tell you, food at Red Tiger is outstanding, but who knew they also throw crazy parties!

"I've been hosting parties for years and people from the industry know that I like to think outside the box," Dan says. "It started 3 weeks ago, one of my good friends and a regular at Red Tiger "Jo" asked me to throw a big ass party for his girl Alexandra. [...] I told him - anything is possible at Red Tiger! So we started to organize everything from that day: the set-up, food menu, etc."

But what about the naked lady, Dan?  

"The birthday cake! We wanted something different and wild. [...] John Mike, the owner of Tripes & Caviar [helped us with that]. And the result was: a burlesque show, birthday girl decorating her own cake [directly] on the burlesque show girl and guests eating it.... That was pretty intense. The pub was full and all of our other guests stayed and partied until 3am."

Pretty intense indeed! I know where I'm going for dinner that turns into drinks that turn into a crazy party! Le Red Tiger, my friends.

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