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Montreal Woman Is Putting An End To Abusive Relationships

A problem that happens all too often.
Montreal Woman Is Putting An End To Abusive Relationships

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, yet this subject is often overlooked and neglected. No one deserves live in fear of another person. Chrissy Weber, an inspiring Montrealer, took matters into her own hands to finally put an end to this issue. Here is her story.

"As early as elementary school, I had no idea how much I was damaging my self-esteem by chasing people who were mean to me to be my friend.

I was always boy crazy, but my first serious relationship only happened when I was 18. At this time in my life, I had lost some weight, I was doing well in school and generally felt good about life. Despite feeling good about myself, I was shocked and felt lucky that [my boyfriend] wanted me when really, he could have any girl he wanted. He was the first of two boyfriends who treated me like shit, and I always wondered why. What did I do to deserve to be treated so badly?"

It's very common for abused women to feel confused and powerless. Chrissy firmly believes that abuse and mistreatment happen for one simple reason - women allow it to happen. Why? Because they haven't learned how to truly love and respect themselves. Very often, women rely on others to make them feel worthy of anything in this world. That's where the root of problem is."

After the second horrendous break up, my mother forced me to see a therapist named Lisa Brookman.

"Chrissy didn't think a therapist would be able to help her."What did she know about my life, and how the hell could she help me?" - it is, after all, a common misconception, that therapists get paid to listen to your problems or that only "crazy" people need therapy.

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