Montreal Woman Nearly Killed When Steel Rod Crashes Through Her Car Window On Decarie

Driving in this city is hazardous enough as it is, what with the potholes, the crumbling bridges, the lack of bike lanes, etc., but rarely do you expect a scene straight out of Final Destination to actually happen to you in real life. Well that's exactly what this Montrealer experienced today (June 16) around lunchtime.

Headed south on Decarie, just near the Jean Talon exit, Christine Nadon was minding her own business, when she had a very close call with a 2-foot steel rod that came shooting through her windshield. Miraculously, Christine was not injured. Watch the video to hear the full story.

Pas fort, Montreal. Pas fort.

Posted by Chris Nadon Honda Fit on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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