Montreal Woman Posts Ad To Sell Car, Gets Sex Request From Men Instead

Montreal may be an awesome city, but like every other city, there is large concentration of creeps living among us. 

It's bad enough when you get harassed by creeps in the metro, on Facebook or on dating apps. At least in those situations it's somewhat expected (although it's certainly not acceptable).

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But when you're posting an ad on Let Go to sell you car, you assume the people there are looking for a car, not for random sex with a stranger. 

Unfortunately for this one Montreal woman, some guy decided to turn an ad about a car sale into his own personal Tinder. 

If that wasn't bad enough, the girl who sent us these screenshots then went on a Facebook group to express her disgust, and apparently some guys on those threads also tried to hit on her. 

I guess there's just no escape from the creeps.