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Montreal Woman Spotted Getting Out Of Car And Walking Down Decarie Highway After An Argument

A couple was having quite the argument in their car last night, the stereotypical kind you normally see in bad movies that go straight to DVD. I assume the woman started yelling: "pull over and let me out of the car!" Only problem was they were in traffic on Decarie. But that didn't stop the determined woman from opening the door while they were still moving. And when the car did finally stop, the woman casually steps out of the car and strolls along the side of the road like it's any other Sunday. Meanwhile, the white knight filming kindly offers the woman some wise words of advice: "Hey, you can't walk on the highway!" Good thing he was there to relay that valuable information.

Not sure if the woman really got the message, but maybe she should consider storming out of a moving car a little better next time. You know, safety first and what not.


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