Montreal Woman Spotted Walking Her Baby Pot Bellied Pig

Prepare for cuteness overload.
Montreal Woman Spotted Walking Her Baby Pot Bellied Pig

I was stopped at a red light on Sherbrooke street on Saturday when I heard shrieking like I had never heard before. Someone was screaming bloody murder right next to my car. I turned, but all I say was a couple of women walking a dog, only it wasn't a dog. As it turns out, someone was in fact screaming bloody murder, only they were being murdered by cuteness. The kind of cuteness that can only achieved by a pot bellied pig.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'm sure a few people own pigs in the city, but I've never seen one and I definitely never saw someone walking their pig down the street like a puppy. These ladies have reached a level of hipster the rest of us could only dream of.

After taking a second look at the pictures I noticed the leash actually read "Service Dog" which was adorable but I decided to look them up. Turns out offer a number of programs including Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Search and Rescue Dogs and Police Dogs.

So I can only assume this was an emotional support animal. Which means there's only one thing left for me to do, develop severe emotional problems so that I can get a pot bellied pig of my own. It's the only logical thing to do at this point.

Watch the evolution of the pedestrian who freaks the hell out as she realized the dog is a pig.