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Montreal Woman Sues Google Because Her Breasts Were Shown On Google Street View

You breast not show those again.
Montreal Woman Sues Google Because Her Breasts Were Shown On Google Street View

Photo cred - David Fiander

Finding yourself or a friend on Google Street View is typically a welcome surprise. You instantly become part of an immortalized image of a specific part of the world, for all of the online community to see and admire. One Montreal woman didn't have quite the same reaction, and has since demanded Google pay reparations for the awful experiences following her image being uploaded to Street View, reports JdM.

The story goes like this:

On May 8th, 2009, one Montreal woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was walking home from work and before heading inside, she took a brief pause on the stairs outside her door to check her emails on her phone.

At that exact same moment, the infamous Google car drove by, taking an image of the woman's house, and her, as she was leaning forward while browsing on her cell.

Unfortunately, that wasn't exactly good timing. The picture taken by the Google Street View car was far from flattering, as it showcased the woman leaning forward while looking down at her phone, her breasts, with a lot of cleave, being showcased..

After five months had passed, the woman was shocked to see such a picture of herself on Google. Despite the light amount of facial blurring, the woman and all of her colleagues were instantly able to recognize her, leading to some serious taunts and teasing. So much, in fact, that the woman quit her job due to jeers from her co-workers.

The woman has since taken legal action against Google, and is backed by Montreal judge Alain Breault. For emotional damages, a sum of $2,250 from the internet giant is being demanded. Considering the large amounts of moolah Google has under its belt, a couple of grand seems pretty reasonable.

We seriously sympathize with the woman in question, because no person should be made a public spectacle, especially without any permission. In defense of Google, the picture wasn't used with any ill-intent, so we don't think its reasonable to blame the internet mogul.

In my opinion, it's the co-workers of the woman who should bear the brunt of the blame. The fact that adults would tease a female colleague so much for what is just a picture of breasts (that aren't even fully exposed) to the point that she felt the need to resign, seems like a seriously toxic and sexist workplace.

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