Montreal Woman Wants To Ban Zombies In The City

There is crazy and then there is this.
Montreal Woman Wants To Ban Zombies In The City

Line Chaloux does not like zombies.

Not the flesh eating ones, which would be understandable. No, Chaloux has a problem with zombie marches, specifically the one Montreal hosts every year.

Somehow seguing into zombies during her presentation at the National Assembly hearings for Bill 60, Chaloux requested a ban on zombie 'protests' because she got spooked when she saw one in Paris.


Better yet, Chaloux jumped randomly onto Mormons next, which, to be fair,is a logical leap from zombies. Note the sarcasm, please.

Chaloux stated how Mormons, for trying to convert people, should be kicked right out of Quebec. I get it Chaloux, no one likes to get Mormons at the door during dinner, but do they ALL really need to get the boot?

Scarier still, Chaloux is director of Le Coffret, a group that helps integrate immigrants in Quebec.

Hopefully Chaloux's very strong views don't carry over in her teachings. I don't know about you, but I think immigrants should be taught to love zombies in all their gory glory. Oh, and let them get their own stance on Mormons.