Montreal Workers Are Putting Asphalt Right On Top Of The Snow

Seems a little counter-productive.
Montreal Workers Are Putting Asphalt Right On Top Of The Snow

Montreal has never really been known for its great construction, but it seems like the situations have reached a whole new level of urgent!

Our streets look like something out of a horror movie and I don't see any signs of improvement, definitely not until the weather gets better. 

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I mean, I get it, the weather must be incredibly frustrating to work with, but I definitely don't think it should get in the way of actually getting the job done.

Things have gotten so bad that workers are actually just putting asphalt right on top of the snow!

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On Barette street in Montreal's Plateau, they had to rush in overnight and lay down the asphalt but, the work is already starting to crack up.

Des travaux d’asphaltage ont été bâclés sur la rue Barrette dans l’arrondissement Le Plateau-Mont-Royal à Montréal, alors que de l’asphalte a été posé par-dessus de la neige.

March 6, 2018

Unfortunately for the people who live nearby, they're actually scared that the work is going to damage their cars. 

They're claiming that it was an issue of safety, so they have to get in there right away and do the work. But unfortunately, they're going to have to go right back and fix it up again. 


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