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10 Spots In Montreal To Spots Ghosts This Halloween

Some of the most haunted spots in the city.
man on st henri bridge

Montreal is known as a city with beautiful old buildings, making us one of the most charming and unique destinations in the country.

With all those old buildings comes a lot of history and some of that history can be a little dark. From haunted high schools, to haunted shopping malls, Montrealers have seen ghosts and spirits in some pretty random places.

These next ten locations, can all be found in our city and they are all rumored to be haunted, according to the Montreal Gazette and personal stories from fellow Montreal natives. You may believe, you may not, so read this article and see for yourself.

Standard Life Building

Where: 1245 Rue Sherbrooke O.

Each and every one of us Montreal natives has driven by this building countless time throughout our lives. Right on the corner of rue Sherbrooke and de la Montagne is the Standard Life Building.

What many people don’t know about this is that before it was built in 1960, it lodged an old abandoned home.

The rumor was that there was a ghost that haunted the underground parking lot. It is said to be the spirit of the son of the man who used to own that house.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is one of the best places in Montrel. Not only is it a great place to get in touch with nature, but it also has some of the most incredible views of our beautiful city.

What many people don’t know is that, for years, it has been said that our beloved Mount Royal is actually haunted by the ghost of Simon McTavish.

Simon McTavish was an incredibly rich and powerful man; he was the leading shareholder of the North West Company. McTavish passed away in 1804 and was buried on Mount Royal.

In the decades following his death, his ghost has been seen dancing on the roof of his mansion and tobogganing down Mount Royal, using his coffin.

His home was torn down in 1861 and whatever remained of his castle was used to bury the tomb. Today, the spot is covered in flowers and a semicircle, but the rumor remains that his ghost lives on.

Grey Nuns Building

Where: 1190 Rue Guy

The Grey Nuns Building, which is now owned by Concordia University, is home to almost 600 students during the year. When summer hits, tourists can stay there for cheap, as it is used as a hotel.

This historic location has seen a lot of tragedy throughout its existence. Students have claimed to have had vivid nightmares of burnt and disfigured children.

What makes this even creepier is that the top floor of this building used to be an orphanage and on Valentines Day in 1918 there was a horrific and fatal fire. At least 53 children died that night; dozens of bodies are still buried in a basement crypt, so whoever lives there is basically sleeping on top of a graveyard of some sort.

Chateaux Ramezay

Where: 280 Rue Notre-Dame E.

The Chateau Remzay, located on rue Notre Dame E. is a stunning and historical building.

This stone edifice, which has been standing for the past 300 years or so has led many lives. Throughout its existence it has been a fur trading headquarters, a governor’s residence, a university faculty of medicine and a portrait gallery.

Currently, it is a museum that features objects from Montreal’s past, it is called “Montreal portal to its past” which is pretty ironic seeing how it is deemed haunted.

There have been many reports of weird things happening in the building, from books randomly falling off the shelves, to piles of brochures sporadically scattered on the floor, all staff members agree that there is something extraordinary going on in this seemingly ordinary building.

Les Cours Mont Royal

Where: 1455 Rue Peel

Les Cours Mont Royal has been a lot of things throughout the history of Montreal. Before the establishment was built it was the site of a former school, the High School of Montreal.

The renowned Ross and Macdonald designed the building that you see now and it was completed in 1922. Before it was a shopping destination, it was the swanky Mount Royal Hotel. The hotel has about 1100 rooms.

The inside of the establishment was ripped out and repaired in the 1980’s, the only thing that remains the same is the beautiful hotel lobby with a stunning chandelier gifted to the building from the Monte Carlo Casino.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there is a rumor amongst those working in the mall that it is haunted.

Apparently, years ago, a man fell down the elevator shaft and got crushed. His body was never retrieved and some claim that at night, when the lights are off, he strolls through the halls enjoying the quietness of the mall.

Auberge Saint Gabriel

Where: 426 Rue St-Gabriel

Auberge Saint Gabriel is without a doubt one of the coolest spots in our city.

Not only is it the oldest standing establishment in the 514 but it was also the first establishment to have a liquor license in 1754.

Today, it is known for its delicious French cuisine restaurant and cozy vibes. There is also a club located in the basement called Velvet and an attic that you can rent out for private events.

To add on to how cool this building is, it is also said to be haunted. After a fire struck the building in the 19th century, a little girl lost her life tragically. It is rumored that her ghost still wanders the grounds… creepy, but awesome.

Le Cinq

Where: 1234 Rue de la Montagne

Le Cinq Nightclub is a big and lavish club with a beautiful terrasse located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

It has been a few restaurant clubs throughout its existence but what many people don’t realize is that it used to be a funeral home.

That’s right, years ago, this exact location used to be home to A LOT of dead bodies. People claim to have seen numerous ghosts; a naked woman roaming around has been the ghost people seem to have seen the most!

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth

Where: 900 Blvd. René-Lévesque O.

The Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel is one of the most storied hotels in our city.

The hotel has hosted numerous legends throughout its existence and it is famously known as the location where John Lennon and Yoko Ono performed their “sleep-in.”

The weirdest rumor surrounding this hotel concerns a woman in white seen roaming around the hotel for numerous years.

Many guests have spotted this woman and they all identify her as a ghost. I totally believe this hotel is haunted and it kind of makes me like it even more.


Where: 845 Rue Sherbrooke O.

McGill is our country's most renowned universities. Students from around the world move to Montreal to graduate from this amazing school, due to its great reputation and tough curriculum.

What I recently learned about the school is that the founder, James McGill owned slaves and used the funds from their labour to build the school.

Many claim that the slaves haunt the grounds looking for retribution after all these years. James McGill was also buried right in front of the Arts Building and apparently, his remains got mixed up with those of his lawyer and rumored gay lover.

Those claiming that McGill still haunts these grounds also believe that he and his lawyer will not stop until their remains are complete.

Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Where: 3635 Ave. Atwater

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal is located on the corner of Atwater and Dr. Penfield. Known as one of Montreal’s best private schools for girls, Sacred Heart is both well kept and beautiful.

Founded in 1800 by Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, this school is a member of the worldwide network of Sacred Heart Schools. The grounds, which are gorgeous, are also said to be haunted. The girls who have attended this school all agree that there is something more going on in this building.

It is said that the grounds are fenced with the old tombstones from the graveyard that used to be where the school is. Yes, that is right, it is built on an old cemetery.

Throughout the years, students have passed down the story of “Alice” the ghost of a young girl who is said to haunt the grounds.

Have you had any ghostly encounters in Montreal?

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