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10 Summer 2020 Internships In Montreal That Will Look Good On Your CV

Your future is looking bright!
10 Summer 2020 Internships In Montreal That Will Look Good On Your CV

Though the school semester has only just started, savvy students will be planning ahead for any summer career opportunities that will look good on a resume. In fact, many companies in Montreal are already looking for dedicated interns to join their summer teams. So, MTL Blog has made a list of 10 summer internships in Montreal.

It might be the last thing you want to think about after a long holiday but if you don't act now, you might miss the boat on some incredible internship opportunities! The city is full of amazing internships and it would be a shame if you missed out.

Some of your friends might try to convince you to go tree planting in B.C. or backpacking across South America this summer... Although both of those ideas are unique experiences for sure, if you're a laser-focused office worker type, spending summer in the wild might not be the best idea. 

From STEM majors to PR majors, medical students, and more, Montreal is the place to be if you're a student looking for a summer internship. With a vibrant summer lifestyle, you can work and play equally hard in this town if you stick around after the semester is over. 

Check out the 10 incredible summer internships in Montreal that you can apply for today! 

Talent Acquisition Intern at Deloitte Canada

Deloitte is one of the largest financial consulting firms in the world, operating a worldwide network of professional accounting services. Deloitte is the 4th largest privately-owned company in the United States.

You'll be working with the talent acquisition team and helping to develop a network of qualified professional minds. If you're enrolled in human resources, business/commerce or other relevant university programs, this summer internship could be the job for you!

Apply by January 21.

Summer Program Intern at Groupe CH

Groupe CH is the team that owns the Montreal Canadiens hockey team and Evenko, the largest events promoter in Montreal. They have various positions available for their summer internship program!

If you're a second or third-year university student looking for an amazing summer internship opportunity, shoot an application to the team at Groupe CH and score an awesome internship. Apply today!

Apply by January 25.

Canadian Industrial Leadership Internship at L3Harris Technologies

Are you a woman studying in the STEM field and are looking for an incredible opportunity to make your mark in engineering project management? L3Harris Technologies is looking for 10 distinguished and talented women to join their summer leadership program which features a $6,000 prize and a potential job opportunity.

The ideal candidate will be an exceptional student with extensive engineering knowledge, a Canadian citizen, and eligible for NATO security clearance status. If your GPA is 3.4 or above and you're in your fourth year, this could be the right opportunity for you!

Sales Intern at Daktronics

Daktronics is an electronics display systems company, making everything from gas station signs to sports arena scoreboards. Daktronics is looking for second-year students who are majoring in Sales, Business, Communications, Economics, Sports Management, Entrepreneurial Studies, Marketing, or Engineering.

The ideal candidate will be willing to travel throughout North America, shadowing sales representatives and tracking leads. If this sounds like the right job for you, apply today!

The internship runs from May 18 through December 18.

Communications Internship at SAP

SAP is an enterprise software company that's one of the leading global providers. The firm is looking for a communications intern to join its consumer industries team.

The ideal candidate will be a student in Communications, Journalism, Marketing, or in the technology sector. You should have a working knowledge of HTML and be available for 40 hours per week from June to August. If this sounds like the job for you, apply today!

Software Development Intern at Coveo

Coveo is an AI technologies company that helps people with optimizing their digital experience. Coveo tech is used in business products such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. There a few internship opportunities available in the software development team.

If you're a motivated student who's looking for a multifaced experience in software development, a job at Coveo might be right for you!

Inside Sales Intern at Mackenzie Investments

You'll be working under IGM Financial Inc., one of Canada's largest financial services companies. The company is looking for undergrads to join its summer sales team, performing research and assisting in various tasks.

The ideal candidate is enrolled in a relevant university program and be available from May to August. If you think you've got the right stuff, apply today!

Apply by January 19 with a cover letter and university transcripts.

Enterprise Risk & Crisis Management Intern at PSP Investments

PSP Investments is one of Canada's largest pension fund investment managers. You'd be interning for the Enterprise Risk and Crisis Management team.

The ideal candidate is enrolled in a bachelor's of Law, Economics, or Finance. You'll support the team in researching, monitoring, and analyzing external risk events. If this sounds like your area of expertise, apply today!

Programmer Intern at Epic Games

Epic Games is one of the world's leading video game producers, with titles such as Fortnite and Bioshock under its banner. The company is looking for an intern to join the Unreal Engine Tools Team.

You must be available from May to August. If you're a university student in a related field, love video games, and have experience in programming, send your resume and portfolio to Epic Games today!

Recruitment runs until February.

Communications Intern at Ivanhoé Cambridge

Ivanhoé Cambridge is one of the world's leading real estate firms, and it's looking for an intern to join its public relations team this summer.

The ideal candidate is a second or third-year student in communications, marketing, or public relations. If you're ready for a unique challenge in a huge industry, apply today!

As you can see, there are plenty of internships out there to get your career rolling in the right direction.

It's never too early to start thinking about summer internship opportunities. Enjoy this semester and start working towards your career goals this summer!

Good luck with your internships, Montreal students!

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