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10 Montreal Spots To Find Decadent Mac & Cheese To Keep You Full And Warm This Winter

Did someone say cheese?
10 Montreal Spots To Find Decadent Mac & Cheese To Keep You Full And Warm This Winter
  • As we're all aware, there are a million and one restaurants in Montreal, many of which serve some unique dishes.
  • But sometimes, all you crave is a good ol' bowl of mac and cheese. Knowing this, MTL Blog made a list of restaurants that serve exactly that.
  • Read below to discover some of the best spots to get this cheesy dish in Montreal!

We all have our favourite junk foods, and macaroni and cheese seems to be a guilty pleasure for so many of us. There is something about gooey cheese that makes everything in life just a little bit better. We are lucky to have some delicious restaurants in Montreal that serve even more epic mac and cheese dishes. 

Whenever I'm sad, I crave macaroni and cheese that doesn’t come from a box. I don’t know what it is about the combined ingredients of gooey goodness that give me a certain comfort, but I've accepted that it's my go-to when I'm feeling down

Throughout Montreal, I have tried quite a lot of mac and cheese dishes and have narrowed down my personal favourite to 10 spots, even though there are many more than these 10! 

Each of the restaurants included on the list has found a unique way of making the meal. Some establishments stick to the classic and loved macaroni and melted cheese, while other eateries have pushed the limits. 

Some of the decadent dish options include mac and cheese with minced meat, buffalo chicken, and even meatballs. Some other restaurants have added bacon or have even stuffed the mac into a won ton and fried it to perfection. 

All of these carb-infused menu options can be found right here in our city. So, instead of complaining about the cold, why not warm up with this hearty and delightful dish?

Dinette Triple Crown

Where: 6704 Rue Clark

Located in Little Italy, Triple Crown is best known for its comfort food-filled picnic baskets.

Not only is this establishment known for their authentic fried chicken, mouthwatering sweet potatoes and classic biscuits and gravy but it also has a bomb mac and cheese.

The perfectly baked and bubbling dish will have any mac and cheese lover coming back for more.

Le Cheese

Where: 5976 Monkland Avenue

Many of you probably recognize the name from their epic food truck but you may not know that they also have a restaurant.

This cozy spot in N.D.G serves up some of the most decadent and authentic macaroni and cheese on the island.

The dish is served by quarter-pound and comes with roasted cauliflower, green peas and a combination of caramelized cheese and their signature cheese sauce.

Dirty Dogs

Where: 3685 Blvd St Laurent

Dirty Dogs is one of those restaurants that seem to have everything you can ever crave on the menu, including a variety of macaroni and cheese option.

From their four-cheese mac and cheese to their crispy bacon version of the dish, this establishment knows how to satisfy their customers!

Deville Diner Bar

Where: 1425 Rue Stanley

Deville Diner Bar is all about raising the bar on classic diner menu items.

Instead of serving a classic mac and cheese, this establishment wanted to reinvent the classic dish by combining it with another favourite.

On the menu at Deville are fried mac and cheese wontons. The crispy outside compliments the gooey inside to create magic for your taste buds.

This unique dish is one of the most original and out of the box mac and cheese items in the city, not to mention it is tasty.


Where: 66 St.Viateur Ouest & 2145 Rue Crescent

Lloydies serves up decadent and flavour-filled Caribbean dishes. Their jerk chicken and Jamaica patties are what customers love most, however, what I fell in food-love with was their macaroni pie.

For only $4, you can enjoy a tasty square of Caribbean-style macaroni and cheese that will exceed all of your expectations.

Macbar et Fromage

Where: 1345 Rue Ontario

With over 13 macaroni and cheese varieties to pick from, which makes this establishment a key spot for any lover of the dish.

Located in the Village, this restaurant has a wide range of options including the famous “monster mac” which includes 1 pound of meat, cheddar, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and of course, their special “mac sauce.” If you are feeling adventurous, this is a dish you are going to want to try.

Burger Bar

Where: 1465 Rue Crescent

Burger Bar is known for its over the top menu items. From burgers and mozzarella sticks to chicken wings and nachos, everything at Burger Bar screams comfort food.

Not only do they have all of the above-mentioned menu items, but they also have four macaroni and cheese dishes to pick from. All of them are awesome, but I personally love the five-cheese mac and cheese! The more cheese the merrier!

La Belle & La Boeuf

Where: Various locations throughout the city

For those of you who have already been to this establishment, you know that everything is over the top. From the décor to their dishes, this restaurant strives for both its creativity and quality of meals.

If you have yet to indulge in the macaroni and cheese from La Belle & La Boeuf, do yourself a favour and give it a try, I promise you won't regret it.

Le Bird Bar

Where: 1800 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

Known for its elevated fried chicken and champagne game, this Montreal eatery has many tricks of its sleeve, including a bomb truffle macaroni and cheese.

This sizzling dish is served in a cast-iron pan, which I love. To top it off, the scent truffle will overpower your senses, especially your taste buds!

Juke Box Burgers

Where: 11798 Blvd de Salaberry

This retro-themed restaurant in the West Island is home to some incredible many items including floats, burgers and 10 different types of macaroni and cheese.

Not only is there a classic mac and cheese option but there is also a Philly cheesesteak mac with caramelized onions, buffalo chicken mac and cheese, and an Italian meatball mac and cheese, all of which are delicious. So, you'll definitely have to go back more than once.

Happy cheesin', Montreal!

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