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11 Montreal Bars Where You Can Find Some Of The Cheapest Beer In The City

For when cheap drinks are your number one goal.
11 Montreal Bars Where You Can Find Some Of The Cheapest Beer In The City

Going out for a night of drinks in Montreal doesn't have to make a major dent in your rent, nor does it need to be planned and plotted around every payday. The great thing about Montreal is that it has an equal opportunity nightlife when it comes to how much you want to spend. If you happen to be looking for cheap beer in Montreal, then you have come to the right place.

Not every bar with cheap drinks falls into the dive category (though there are a lot of those). Some bars have such excellent nightly deals or 5 à 7 specials that it's almost as cheap as drinking at home. Well, almost. 

There are the usual standbys that Montrealers have come to love but there are always new(ish) spots popping up that don't ask too much of your wallet.

Most of these places also won't ask too much from your wardrobe. Jeans, sneakers, caps, sweatpants? No problem. These are places to relax, enjoy some inexpensive drinks, and catch up with friends.

There you have it. If you want to check out the 11 of the best places in Montreal for the cheapest beer, keep on scrolling. 

Taverne Cobra

Where: 6584 blvd St Laurent

Cost: Glasses start at $4

You can't do much better than $4 a beer especially when you pair it with free arcade games, old school cult classic movies, and karaoke nights.

Take a look at the Facebook page for more info!

Notre Dame Des Quilles

Where: 32 rue Beaubien E.

Cost: On Mondays, pints for $5

Start your week off here. Mondays serve up pints of beer for only $5 up to 8 p.m. Go early, with two bowling lanes set up in the bar, you'll be able to spend more than a few hours here.

Get more info!

Le Warehouse

Where: Two locations

1446 rue Crescent

1019 av. Mont-Royal E (L'Entrepot)

Cost: Beer start at $4.95

Not only does this bar have cheap beer, but it also has a food menu where every plate is only $5.95. With locations right downtown and one in the Plateau, the bar(s) can get pretty busy, and pretty loud - so don't expect a low-key night.

Learn more!

Les Verres Stérilisés

Where: 800 rue Rachel E.

Cost: Cheapest beer starts at $3 for a glass, $9.25 for a pitcher

How can you not love a bar whose "clean glasses" neon sign is not just a top-selling point but the name of the establishment? But don't let it fool you, this pub has everything you could need; old school charm, friendly staff, and cheap beer.

Take a look at the Facebook page!

Foufounes Electriques 

Where: 87 rue Sainte-Catherine E.

Cost: On Thursdays: $6 entrance, bottles of Bud & Labatt 50 $2.75; four free drinks for women

There is a cheap beer to be had most every night at Foufounes. But if you don't mind a club night at the usual punk rock bar, Thursdays have even better deals.

It may cost $6 to get inm but you can more than makeup for that with bottles of Bud & Labatt 50 $2.75. Oh yeah, and women get their first 4 drinks free.

Check out Thursday night specials!

Bar Biftek 

Where: 3581 blvd Saint-Laurent

Cost: $10 pitchers

Biftek is the quintessential dive bar. Open until 3 a.m. every night of the week, this is a cash-only, no pretension allowed type of tavern. Fill up on free popcorn and wash the saltiness down with the cheapest of beer. Don't forget the shots.

Check out the website!

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Where: 3581 blvd Saint-Laurent

Cost: Two for one 5 à 7 starts at $6

If you want to shake things up from a dive bar - try out the neighbourhood bar & eatery SUWU. During the 5 à 7, prices of beer are two for one. This means you can get 2 glasses of beer for $6.

Check it out!

TRH Bar Montreal

Where: 3699 blvd Saint-Laurent

Cost: $5 glasses and $12 pitchers; bottlers start at 2 for $9

There are a lot of deals to be had at this punk-rock bar and it's not just limited to beer. From Thursday to Saturday (before midnight), drinks for women are 2 for $5.

And yeah, this place has an indoor skate bowl. Maybe hit that before hitting the shots deals. Or not.

Follow them on Instagram @trhbar for more deals!


Where: 1242 rue Bishop

Cost: Wednesdays: Pints start at $4

Grumpy's. The name says it all. If you're looking for anything other than beer or straight alcohol, it may be best if you keep moving. This bar is as straightforward as they come. Go for the cheap beer, stay for the music.

You can take a look at the Facebook page!

The Blue Dog Motel 

Where: 3958 blvd St Laurent

Cost: $9 for a tall boy of Pabst and a whisky shot

It may not be the cheapest beer spot on the list, but $9 for a can of beer and shot is a great deal. The Blue Dog Motel is both a barbershop and a rather young club with live DJs every night (hey, it works for them).

If you're not a Pabst fan, they have other beer starting at $5 for a cup.

Take a look at the Facebook page for more events!

Le Sainte-Élisabeth

Where: 1412 rue Sainte Élisabeth

Cost: Bottles start at $5

Best known for its green terrasse in the summer, the inside of this pub is still a great place to relax with a few beers during the colder months. They have beer specials on select days, so check back to see the latest offer.

Check out the full beer menu!

By no means is this an extensive list, as Montreal bars and their daily specials change quickly. Let us know your favourite cheap place to grab a beer.

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