11 Montreal Spots That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In New York For The Holidays

The two cities have more in common than you might think.
11 Montreal Spots That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In New York For The Holidays
  • New York City is a great city that isn't too far from us, but this doesn't mean getting there is always easy, so MTL Blog has made a list of places in Montreal that will fool you into thinking you're in NYC.
  • From places that will one day resemble Rockefeller Center to spots that capture the vibe of the Brooklyn Flea Market, this list will make you realize just how much Montreal and NYC have in common.
  • See what places you can go to in our city if you want to pretend you're in New York City below!

I have always loved living in Montreal, however, there was a time in my life when New York City was the only place I wanted to be. I spent a couple of years living there and spent a lot of time exploring both the Island of Manhattan and its neighbouring areas like Brooklyn and Queens. What I learned when doing so is that there are a lot of similarities between my hometown of Montreal and New York City.

The two cities undoubtedly have a lot of significant differences, one being the fact that their bagels are so beneath ours, and others including apartment sizes, population, the average cost of living, and cleanliness. There are in fact a lot of spots in Montreal that resemble the city that never sleeps.

Think about it, both cities are located on islands, they're both known for their amazing food options, they embrace multiculturalism, and both cities have some pretty amazing people that call them home.

A lot of movies where the storyline is set in New York end up getting parts of them filmed in Montreal, which kind of proves me right. Certain little spots can pass off as New York and, if you can’t afford a weekend away, you can play pretend right here in Montreal.

Marcus - Zodiac Room

Marcus, located in the newly built 4 Seasons Hotel in Downtown Montreal is a location that will leave you speechless.

The fabulous restaurant décor combined with the charisma and comfort of the lounge reminds me of a lot of being in New York City.

The Zodiac Room, which you can find in Hudson Yards in Midtown Manhattan, gives off the same crisp and cool vibe that you can find at Marcus restaurant in Montreal.

Clandestino - La Esquina

One of the things I adore most about both Montreal and New York City is that both destinations have hidden gems, which usually take the form of speakeasies, that impress anyone who finds them.

When you walk up to La Esquina (which means "The Corner" in English), it looks like your average taco joint. But, if you know what you're asking for, you will be guided to one of the coolest and most delicious hidden Mexican restaurants in all of New York City.

And, the first time I walked into Clandestino in the Old Port, I had the same feeling of amazement as I did at La Esquina.
This speakeasy within a speakeasy is, in my opinion, one of the coolest places in Montreal, and it will totally fool you into thinking you're in New York City while you're there.

Rue St-Paul - 9th Avenue Meat Packing

Rue St-Paul in Old Montreal is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous streets in all of Montreal. The cobblestone streets in combination with the old architecture and adorable restaurants are what make this street so loved.

The meatpacking district in New York City reminds me of a lot of Old Montreal, especially if we are comparing 9th Avenue Rue St-Paul.

Both streets have a European flair to them and they each have an allure that draws people in, which is why you may feel right at home in Manhattan's Meat Packing District.

Parc La Fontaine - Central Park

Although the same people who created the Central Park designed Mount Royal, I believe that Parc La Fontaine resembles the iconic Manhattan park much more.

Parc La Fontaine, located in the Plateau features two gorgeous ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and more. The beauty and peacefulness found in this area are very similar to the energy felt in Central Park, especially on the East side of the park.

Although it is not as large as Central Park, La Fontaine does have a swimming pool, which is something I know New Yorkers would kill to have throughout those sticky summer months.

Marché Aux Puces St-Michel - Brooklyn Flea Market

The Brooklyn Flea Market has become all the rage in the past few years. There are not many things that will get a Manhatinite to Brooklyn, but the flea market definitely will.

Although we don’t have something exactly like the Brooklyn Flea Market, I do know that the Marché Aux Puces in St-Michel has some pretty cool finds to purchase.

At Marché Aux Puces, you will find an array of antique vendors selling art, furniture, and other home décor essentials.
So, if you can't make it to Brooklyn, why not venture out to the East End? You may get lucky!

Dispatch Café - SEY COFFEE

Both Montreal and Brooklyn are known to have awesome cafes and restaurants. More importantly, they are known for the uniqueness of their establishments.

Located in the Plateau, Dispatch Café is almost identical to SEY COFFEE in Brooklyn.

Not only do both locations serve incredible bites, but they serve even better coffee. Also, both of these café’s were built in old garages, which is why they made this list!

Dépanneur Le Pick-up - Bodegas

One thing I miss about New York is the "bodegas." We may call them depanneurs, others may call them corner stores, but if you spend enough time in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn, you too will be calling them bodegas.

What makes bodegas stand out is that they are a one-stop-shop. You can buy everything there from chicken cutlet sandwiches and rolling papers to cigarettes and toilet paper.
The only spot in Montreal that comes close, in my opinion, is Dépanneur Le Pickup.

Although this eatery is more of a restaurant than a bodega, which has nowhere to sit, at Le Pick-up you can find a few household items that you needed while picking up a sandwich.

Rue Drolet - Minetta Street

Found in Montreal's Plateau area, Rue Drolet is hands down one of the most picturesque streets on the island.

There is something truly mesmerizing about Rue Drolet that makes you think you're somewhere other than Montreal. The charming and colourful houses remind me a lot of Minetta Street in Greenwich Village.

Both Minetta Street and Rue Drolet have a similar charisma and although the streets are nowhere near each other, they still manage to resemble one another.

Square Saint Louis - Bryant Park

Square Saint Louis is an urban square in the Plateau that reminds me of Bryant Park, just on a much smaller scale.
Square Saint Louis has a ton of enchanting qualities. From the fountain to the foliage, there is no denying that it has a special allure to it.

And, although Bryant Park maybe a little more extravagant, there is no denying that both destinations provide the same feeling of community and belonging. More importantly, both locations make each city a little more special.

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec - World Trade Center  

This gorgeous building reminds me a lot of the World Trade Center, right near the E train. Although the building in New York has a sad history, the renovated building is gorgeous.

The beautiful Montreal building has the same clean, white finishing and soaring lines as the WTC station.

If you haven’t been to New York want to get a feel for what this particular building looks like on the inside, all you need to do is check out la Caisse de depot.

Outdoor Area In Ville Marie - Rockefeller Center

Ville De Montreal

Mayor Valérie Plante and the City of Montreal have recently announced that Ville-Marie will soon have an all-new public square in the Quartier des Spectacles that I'm convinced will rival NYC's Rockefeller Center.

This giant skating rink in Downtown Montreal is most likely going to be one of the most visited rinks in the city.

Even though it hasn't opened yet, I'm sure that once it does, it's going to give you the illusion of skating through Rock Center as if you are the star of your very own romantic comedy.