These 11 Spots Around Quebec Are Lighting Up In Rainbow Support
  • As we continue to see a growth in popularity of the Quebec rainbow trend, more places seem to be getting on board with it.
  • We've compiled a list of 11 spots in Quebec that have lit the colours of the rainbows over their buildings on a large scale.
  • See photos below!

Usually paired with the now ubiquitous rainbows that decorate windows, housefronts, and chalk drawings on sidewalks and buildings, "Ça va bien aller" or "It's going to be okay" has become the 2020 rallying call. Some buildings around Quebec are taking the rainbow trend to another level of support with flashing light shows adorning some of the most popular and well-known spots. 

The rainbow light symbols of hope, solidarity, and strength have been seen across the province lighting up everything from iconic buildings and hotels to marinas and even the Champlain Bridge

Residents have been showing their appreciation by posting pictures and thanks on social media with the hashtag #cavabienaller. 

With the latest news that three of Montreal's most popular festivals won't take place this summer, it's nice to see a city, a province, continue to come together for a few moments of cheer and beauty. And spirit is one thing Montreal never seems to be in shortage of, whether it's a rainbow-clad man roaming the streets, firefighters blasting, "Don't Worry Be Happy," or a DJ teddy bear driving the town. 

Keep reading below to see 11 of the places around our province that are lighting up in rainbows once the sun has gone down. 

Parc Olympic Tower

Where: 4141, ave. Pierre-de Coubertin

Champlain Bridge

When: Each Sunday in April 8:30 p.m. — 9:30 p.m.

Read more about it, here.

Jacques Cartier Bridge

Read more about it here.

Marriot Chateau Champlain

Where: 1050, De La Gauchetiere O.

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DoubleTree By Hilton 

Where: 1255, rue Jeanne Mance

Laval City Hall

Where: 1, Place du Souvenir, Laval

Université de Montréal 

Where: 2900, blvd. Edouard Montpetit

Le Crystal Hotel

Where: 1100, rue de la Montagne

Château Frontenac

Where: 1, rue des Carrières, Québec City

Marina Du Port De Québec

Where: Rue Abraham Martin, Québec City;

A Special Shout Out To Station 16 Firefighters

Even if they aren't quite lighting up, the firetruck lights kind of count.

Have you seen other spots around Quebec that have been lighting up in solidarity? Let us know!