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12 Local DJs To Check Out If You're Missing The Montreal Club Scene

Dance like no one is watching — because no one is!
12 Local DJs To Check Out If You're Missing The Montreal Club Scene

Montreal has always been known for its unique party scene, which includes some of the best nightclubs in the world. In those nightclubs, the person who keeps us dancing all night is not alcohol, but the DJ. And we are blessed to have some pretty sick local Montreal DJs in the city's music scene. Luckily for us, we can listen to some of them from our homes to keep both our spirits and the party alive.

From underground DJs to mainstream sounds, our city has got you covered with locals to listen to.

Music can do wonders for your mental health and spiritual strength. And living in a city with so many talented DJs, it is easy to find some epic mixes to listen to during this time. Some DJs have even gone to their social media to do live sets and dance parties which is really what we all need right now.

You may be missing the club but that doesn't mean you can't turn your apartment into the hottest spot in the city. Put on a cute outfit, pour yourself a drink and get on Facetime with your friends while having a dance party to remember.

We all need to make the most out of this situation and these DJs and their talent will help us do just that.

Who's your favourite local DJ? Let us know!


Blond-ish is a big deal in the DJ world, and best of all, she's from Montreal.

Her killer sets, cool demeanour and badass attitude are shown through her music and luckily for us, she has been going on Facebook live performing her heart out for her isolating fans.


Mitch Oliver

Mitch Oliver has a sound that is not easily forgotten. This local DJ has been making quite the name for himself. If you're looking for a good mix to get lost in, this may just be the DJ for you!


DJ Tizi

DJ Tizi is a Montreal #bossbabe who has been killing the DJ scene. She has graced the stages of both Beach Club and Metro Boom Festival, and now she can grace the stage of your living room during the exclusive one-person party you are about to throw.



This local has earned himself a lot of recognition in recent years, and with good reason.

Not only does he know how to get the party started, but his mixes will allow you to get lost in the music — forgetting about everything that is currently happening around us.


Revah Brothers

The Revah Brothers are two brothers, Benny and Mikey, who were born and raised in Montreal. Not only have they played at the hottest clubs in the city, but they have treated us to some seriously great mixes that are perfect for jamming to alone.

Pour yourself a drink and shake the night away because these boys are going to have you dancing like no one is watching!


Francois Lebaron

Francois Lebaron is guaranteed to get you off the couch and moving to the beats of his sets.

This Montreal local will impress you with his style, technique, and ability to put you in a trance. He's definitely worth checking out!



DJ Yo-C is a man of many talents, not only is he a great DJ but he is a local restauranteur and an advocate for animals. When he is not saving dogs, you can usually find him at a club spinning sweet sounds.

Nowadays, you can find him playing Zoom parties online that are sure to put you in a better mood.


newHaūs Quarantine Sessions

newHaūs is one of those really cool Montreal clubs that so many of us are missing right now. The establishment opened last June and since they are currently closed, they have been blessing us with live sets from various local DJs. Check out the sets if you want to dance your troubles away.


Jesse Zotti

Jesse Zotti is a resident DJ at Stereo, and also happens to have some pretty great mixes to listen to on your days off.

If you need some music to keep your spirits alive, I highly suggest you check this local talent out!


Toddy Flores

If you are looking for mesmerizing hip-hop, DJ Toddy is your man. Not only will he have you singing along to every song but you will be dancing the entire time, which is the perfect form of exercise right now.


Mike Laz

Not only is Mike Laz an absolute sweetheart but he also happens to be an incredible DJ who has spun in some of Montreal's biggest and most loved venues.

If you are seeking some kickass techno to get you through isolation, Mike Laz is the DJ for you.


Tommy La Croix

Tommy La Croix, otherwise known as DJ Thomas H, can truly get a party started — even while everyone's at home.

You probably have danced to his mixes before but if you haven't then I suggest you do so now, his mixes will put you in a better mood almost instantly.


Keep your spirits up by jamming out, Montreal!

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