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12 Montreal Restaurants That Are Sure To Be Where Everyone's Dining This Week

Warning: you may get hungry looking at this list.
12 Montreal Restaurants That Are Sure To Be Where Everyone's Dining This Week
  • When it comes to restaurants in Montreal, our city has no shortage of great spots to dine.
  • From fried chicken joints to classy wine bars, this list shows the versatility of Montreal restaurants.
  • See our recommendations on where to go eat this week below!

Nothing will keep you warm like a full stomach on a cold day. This fact must be one of the many reasons Montreal has such amazing food. As a city that knows a thing or two about what to do in a kitchen, we're blessed to have so many cool restaurants in and around our city. As the weather gets colder this week, why not warm up with friends or take that special someone out on a date? You can do so at one of these Montreal restaurants.

There is truly a dish for every taste throughout our city. From classic dishes to funky fusions, Montreal is stocked with a slew of incredible places that are sure to fill your stomach.

We all have our go-to spots, but when you live in a city as great as Montreal, you need to get out there and eat your way through the streets. I must admit, I tend to be a creature of habit, but even I find a thrill in checking out new spots to pig out at.

The following restaurants are ideal for anyone looking to try something new throughout the week. It may be cold outside and the city may be covered in snow, but that's what great food and wine are for — to make us forget about all of that!

Tiers Paysage

What: A wine bar with tasty dishes served in a cozy cave-like setting.

Where: 22, rue Saint-Paul E.


Mano Cornuto

What: Flavourfilled Italian bistro-style dishes like focaccia sandwiches and tasty pasta.

Where: 988, rue Ottawa



What: Italian restaurant that serves pizza, "garlic knots," mozzarella sticks, and has a great wine selection wine.

Where: 206, rue Jarry E.



What: Thai cuisine that's guaranteed to warm you up.

Where: 374, ave. Victoria



What: Syrian Armenian dishes promise to "wow" your taste buds and leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Where: 199, rue Jean-Talon E.


Île Flottante

What: An experience for both your taste buds and your eyes. This tasting menu-only establishment plays with tastes and textures while highlighting a slew of vegetables.

Where: 176, rue Saint Viateur O


Pamika Brasserie Thai

What: One of Montreal's best spots for Thai food and fancy cocktails.

Where: 901, rue Sherbrooke E.


California Sandwiches

What: Mind-blowing Italian style sandwiches that come all the way from Toronto.

Where: 1748, rue Saint-Denis


Birona Hummus

What: Modern Mediterranean cuisine in a charming setting.

Where: 5417, blvd. Saint-Laurent


Le Petit Vibe

What: Filipino and Hawaiian food with great prices in a casual setting.

Where: 5536A, Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges


Vin Vin Vin

What: A wine bar that serves fresh and local dishes in a photogenic setting.

Where: 1290, rue Beaubien E


Roch Le Coq

What: Decadent fried chicken served in a bucket.

Where: 1541, ave. Van Horne

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