12 Things To Do At Home In Montreal This Weekend

Cures to your boredom!
12 Things To Do At Home In Montreal This Weekend

May is just about here, which means the sun will shine a little brighter, the birds will chirp a little louder, and our city will slowly begin to feel the heat of the summer. Regardless of being stuck at home or not, it's great to know that winter jackets are officially behind us and that the snow will be a distant memory for the following few months — or at least we all hope so! There are so many cool things to do at home this weekend, and we're here to share them with you.

From decorating pre-made cake pops to taking virtual tours of some of Europe's most renowned museums, there's no reason why you should be bored at home.

Now that the sun will be staying out longer, you should take advantage and have some fun of your own.

This weekend, instead of binge-watching Netflix in your pyjamas, why not dive into a fun and out of the box activity that you would not normally try or do?

This time spent at home can be used to learn new skills, discover new places virtually, and/or order in some good eats.

Order A Cake-Pop Kit And Decorate At Home

When: Once the delivery arrives at your door!

Read all about it

Play A Drinking Game During The Legault Press Conference

When: Every day at 1 p.m. sharp!

Here's the game

Take Virtual Tours Of Famous European Museums

When: Available 24/7!

Find out how

Pick Up Ice Cream At Ca Lem

When: -ever your ice cream craving kicks in.

Find out more

Virtual Cooking Workshop

When: Sunday, May 3

Get all the info

Play A Virtual Game With Drag Queens

When: Sunday, May 3

Check it out

Dance To House Music Live Streams

IMNODJ Productions | Facebook

When: Friday, May 1

Facebook event

Take Part In An Art Therapy Course

When: Sunday, May 3

Learn more

Enjoy A Mystery Wine Night

When: Friday, May 1

Check it out

Take A Virtual Tour Of The City

When: May 1 – May 3

Here's the event

Attend A Virtual Dating Event

Relations conscientes / Conscious relationships MTL‎ | Facebook

When: Saturday, May 2

Find out more

Learn How To Meditate Online

When: Saturday, May 2

Read more

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

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