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12 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend

This is the last weekend of 2019!
12 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend

December came and went and, as the end of the month and the year fiercely approach, it is time for you to go out and enjoy everything that Montreal has to offer. Christmas has officially passed but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to end. Throughout the vivacity of the city, there are a ton of things to do in Montreal this weekend... so check out what's going on to get you over that holiday hangover below!

Don’t end 2019 sitting on your couch! End the year with a bang and explore the numerous things happening in our wonderful city throughout the weekend that you should be taking advantage of. 

Some Christmas festivities will still be going on until after the New Year while other activities include food, alcohol and adventure... everything you need for your ideal day off!

I am aware that the holidays have left most of us slightly broke but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do something for yourself and explore the city during your remaining days of the year. 

This weekend, don’t use the holidays as an excuse to stay huddled your house. Get up and enjoy the weekend... it is the last one of 2019, after all!

Take a grand circuit tour of Montreal

When: December 27- December 29, 2019

Where: Various spots throughout Montreal

Find out more here!

Go tubing on the biggest slide in Montreal

When: As of December 27, 2019

Where: 6101 Avenue de Montmagny; Pente A Neiges

Find out more here!

Talk to giant monoliths at Luminothérapie 

When: November 28 – January 26

Where: Between Jeanne-Mance & Balmoral; Place des Festivals

Find out more here!

Party like Gatsby

We're about to enter our own roaring 20s... sure it's 2020 and not 1920, but that doesn't mean we can't do it in a similar style!

Where: Locations around Montreal.

Find out where here!

Dance to deadmau5 

When: December 27, 2019

Where: 950 Rue Ottawa; New City Gas

Find out more here!

Learn to ski or snowboard

When: As of December 27, 2019

Where: 6101 Avenue de Montmagny; Pente A Neiges

Find out more here!

Escape the cold at a tropical-inspired Montreal bar

Get the feel of a tropical beach vacation even if you're too broke to travel this winter by visiting one of these awesome tropical-inspired bars in Montreal.

Where: All over the city!

Find your perfect escape here!

Enjoy a New Years Eve pre-party

When: December 28, 2019

Where: 2020 Crescent; Jet Nightclub

Find out more here!

Attend a boozy brunch

When: December 29, 2019

Where: 500 Rue Rachel Est; Gypsy Kitchen and Bar

Find your perfect spot here!

Indulge in some Matcha desserts

Where: 1418 Rue Crescent; Tsujiri Matcha Restaurant

Find out more here!

Keep up the holiday spirit at the Ogilvy Christmas window display

When: Now until January 5

Where: 690 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest; McCord Museum

Find out more here!

Hide out at a gorgeous Montreal library

Whether school means you have to hit the books again or not, Montreal has some beautiful and bookish hideaways where you can escape the cold in a good book.

Where: All across Montreal!

Find your perfect hideaway here!

We hope you make the most of your last weekend of 2019.

Happy New Year, Montreal!

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