13 Trendy Bars In The Plateau That Prove Why It's Everyone's Favourite Montreal Borough

Time to go bar hopping!
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13 Trendy Bars In The Plateau That Prove Why It's Everyone's Favourite Montreal Borough
  • When it comes to Montreal Plateau bars, the list is endless of where you could go, so I tried to narrow it down for you a little.
  • From places that used to be part of churches to bars that have every knick-knack you could ever imagine, this list is filled with some cool spots.
  • Dare you to try and visit them all!

The Plateau has been both locals' and tourists' favourite parts of the city for quite some time now. Knowing this, I decided to put together a list of my favourite Montreal Plateau bars, so you don't have to spend hours trying to decide where to go. This list is for every type of person, whether they've lived in the Plateau their entire life, just moved there, or just love the area. 

As one of the trendiest boroughs of Montreal, the area naturally has a ton of cool bars within it. Some of these spots used to be part of a church, while others are as modern as green plants and marble tables get. This basically captures the essence of the Plateau at large, a perfect mix between old and new.

The bars on the list do everything from brewing their own beer to making cocktails with names you've never heard of. With this in mind, you'll probably want to show up thirsty.

And beyond that, these Plateau bars are all versatile enough to be good spots for taking yourself on a solo date or spending a night with a group of friends.

Bílý Kun

Address: 353, rue Mont-Royal E.

At Bílý Kun, there's always live music or a DJ performing, which gives the place a great ambiance. Along with this, they have an extensive wine and beer menu, so no matter how bitter or how sweet you like your drinks, you're sure to find something you like.

They also have custom made matches, just in case you're looking for a bar that gives you souvenirs!


Le Darling

Address: 4328, blvd. Saint-Laurent

Le Darling is a perfectly versatile establishment, people can spend their days studying here and their nights partying. And, you're ever looking for a first date spot, Le Darling is your go-to.

The decor is unlike any other Montreal bar, with unique little knick-knacks all over the place. And when it comes to their alcohol menu, all the cider options are all delicious.


Pub Bishop & Bagg

Address: 52, rue Saint Viateur O.

At Bishop & Bagg, you get the exact pub experience that we all hope for. Tasty beer, good music, and cool staff members. Not to mention, the food is to die for.

So, whenever you're in the mood for a beer and burger night, you know where to go!


BAR - Big in Japan

Address:4175, blvd. Saint-Laurent

Like a true speakeasy, you wouldn't know Big in Japan was on Saint Laurent if you weren't looking for it.

The inside is all candlelit, making you feel instantly tranquil when you walk in. And then as you start to try their many different cocktails, you'll be feeling extra chill.

This makes for both a perfect romantic date spot or a great spot to take yourself on a solo date!



Address: 1134, ave. Mont-Royal E.

If you're a rum lover, Barraca is a dream bar. The bar has an extensive rum list that has products from all over the world, so you could count every visit here as a little trip in itself.

Also, once the heat finally starts to come through, you'll never want to leave Barraca's terrasse.



Address: 156, rue Roy E.

Else's is honestly the ideal neighbourhood pub. And to make it even cooler, the bar's first owner has a fascinating history and it's written about her all over the walls of the bar.

While there, you can sip on some beer while admiring all the Norwegian influence that surrounds you. A little trip to Europe without even leaving Montreal!


Bar Henrietta

Address:115, ave. Laurier O.

Like many of the bars on Laurier, Bar Henrietta is a classy spot to spend your 5 à 7. With the massive wine selection they have, you're sure to be staying more than two hours too.

There's also a great little snack menu, in case the drinking starts giving you the munchies.

The small size of the bar gives it an intimate feel that you'll end up feeling like you're at home in no time.

Okay and, yes, looking at the address you're probably thinking "that's totally in the Mile End," but the street lines seem pretty blurred between these two boroughs to me.


Taverne Saint-Sacrement

Address: 775, ave. Mont-Royal E.

The highlight of this bar for me has always been the staff. The bartenders are so easy to talk to and will make you whatever drink your heart desires.

The history of it makes it a cool spot also. The wooden sections of the bar remind you that it was once, in fact, a church, and then the name of the bar itself confirms that.


La Distillerie No.2

Address: 2047, ave. Mont-Royal E.

La Distillerie No.2 is a super common spot for Plateau locals to get together at, especially since it's open until 3 a.m. every day of the week. But, there are other reasons why people keep flocking here too.

For one, the cocktails they serve are nothing short of delicious. And two, they have a mean happy hour! What more could you ask for?


Le Majestique 

Address: 4105, blvd. Saint-Laurent

This unique spot is extremely popular among Plateau locals. It's an intimate bar with few seats, which makes it easy to start up a conversation with the people around you.

Beyond the great beer selection they offer, they're also famous around the city for their oysters.

So yes, it is quite, in fact, majestical — as its name suggests.


Gypsy Kitchen+Bar

Address: 500, rue Rachel E.

Although Gypsy looks just like a restaurant, the ambiance gives you major bar vibes, which means you get the best of both worlds while here. As they like to say, they "turn coffees into cocktails."

They also have a fantastic wine selection, which you can either knock back on its own or enjoy with one of their unique dishes.

This cool spot also exists in Bali — just in case you're planning a trip there any time soon!


Bar Le Lab

Address: 279, rue Sainte-Catherine E.

If you're a true cocktail lover, the mixologists who work here will become your new best friends. Since they're constantly creating new drinks for their clients to try, every one of your Le Lab experiences will feel brand new.

And, the old-school vibe of the bar itself will have you coming back time and time again.


Dieu du Ciel!

Address: 29, ave. Laurier O.

This is a microbrasserie that makes its own brews, so you know you're drinking quality beer. Also, with a name like Dieu du Ciel (God of the sky), you know it has to be a cool spot.

They're always switching the Beers of the Day menu, so every time you go, you'll have something new to try!

(Another bar that probably counts more as being in Mile End, but we're gonna pretend it's still the Plateau)


Make sure to let me know if I forgot any of your Plateau faves!

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