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13 Montreal Restaurants Ranked Among Most Romantic In Canada

According to OpenTable!
13 Montreal Restaurants Ranked Among Most Romantic In Canada

Here we are again. OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation site, has just released its Most Romantic Canadian Restaurants For 2020 just in time for Valentine's Day. The site loves its lists. There are lists for every occasion! This time around, 13 "romantic" Montreal restaurants managed to grab spots out of the 100+ countrywide most intimate restaurants. 

This particular list is based on more than 500,000 user-submitted reviews of over 3,000 restaurants across the country. OpenTable wanted to "honor enticing spots with intimate atmospheres, curated menus and bespoke service so loved ones can connect over a delicious celebration."

And yes, most of the places on this list you may know from such popular hits as Best Restaurants For When You Want To Take Yourself On A Date, Top 100 Canadian Restaurants, and Best Restaurants For A Night Out With A Group, to name a few.

There are notable repeats (we're looking at you, Damas), and a few new faces - but all in all there is a vast majority of Montreal heavy-weights that aren't mentioned. As the lists are compiled from user input, if a particular restaurant isn't using OpenTable as its reservation system it can't be considered. 

Take a look below at the 13 Montreal restaurants and see if you agree. 

Rather surprisingly, OpenTables data shows that Steakhouses are the most popular type of restaurant on Valentine’s Day - hence the first name on the list: 

  1. 40 Westt Steakhouse

  2. Bar George

  3. Bonaparte

  4. Damas

  5. Graziella Restaurant 

  6. Gyu-Kaku

  7. Hoogan & Beaufort 

  8. Ile Flottante (former Les Deux Singes)

  9. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

  10. Le Filet 

  11. Maison Boulud

  12. Restaurant Le Continental

  13. Restaurant Toque!

According to OpenTable, dinner reservation spike 500% in the days leading up to the coveted February 14 date. So, if you're planning a special dinner you may want to reserve your spot now. 

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The majority of these restaurants also come with what could be a hefty price tag. While some are worth every hard-earned penny, Valentine's Day shouldn't have you eating ramen for the rest of the month. 

Whether we all agree with the list or not, Montreal has a ton of options. And really, isn't romance more dependent on who you're with?

If you want to check out the full 108 Canadian restaurants that made OpenTable's Most Romantic Restaurants list, you can find it here.

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