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14 Montreal Restaurants To Treat Yourself To A Solo Wine Date This February

Your best table for one, please.
14 Montreal Restaurants To Treat Yourself To A Solo Wine Date This February

Valentine's Day should be about the person you enjoy the most, a chance to wine and dine your favourite personality, spend a couple of hours to really get to know that special person in your life that makes up the majority of your company. So, simply, you. And what better way to celebrate February than by finding that perfect spot to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine, or two, alone at one of Montreal's many restaurants?

While any spot in Montreal can be good for a solo date, there are some restaurants and bars that really stand out because of their attention to detail, carefully chosen wine menus, friendly staff, or just because of the decor. 

The spots below range from high-end, for when you really want to treat yourself, to more casual neighbourhood cafés that still take their wine lists seriously. 

Spoiling yourself to a night out at one of these spots when you want some alone time elevates a simple night out, to an all-out, five sense delight. 

Grab a book, make sure your phone is charged, or even leave everything except your wallet at home and just go fo the people watching; whatever your style is, take a moment to wish yourself a Happy Valentine's Day. 

With that, here are 14 of the best places in Montreal for a solo wine date.

Provisions Bar à Vin

Where: 1142, ave. Van Horne

It may be a butcher counter that also sells sandwiches but behind the black curtains is a quaint wine bar spot with a versatile wine list and overall sense of calm and happiness (but that could be the wine talking).

Check out the website!

Les Cavistes

Where: 196, rue Fleury O.

Ahuntsic is quietly setting up some great bars and restaurants along Fleury. The wine list at Les Cavistes is long and can be overwhelming but don't let that intimidate you. The super friendly staff will help point you in the right direction.

Learn more about the restaurant!


Where: 3424, ave. du Parc

The perk of Pullman is not just the 50% off Sunday bottles, but you can be part of the crowd by sitting at the bar, or you can choose a table that gives you a little more privacy.

Take a look at the website!


Where: 3927, rue Saint-Denis

One of Montreal's landmark French bistros is the perfect spot for a solo date. Sit at the bar and chat with the other customers or make it more romantic at a table for two for one.

Get to know more about this restaurant!


Where: 1041, ave. Van Horne

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a drink in a more casual setting and Boxermans is the place to do just that. The wine list has been chosen with taste and price in mind.

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Isle de Garde

Where: 1039, rue Beaubien E.

It may be known as a top-notch microbrewery but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a glass of privately imported wine in a casual setting.

Learn more about the menu!


Where: 406, rue Saint-Jacques

This is another restaurant that skews towards more luxurious surroundings. So head here when you really want to wine and dine yourself. Leave the book at home and take in the spectacular decor.

Check it out!

Le Majestique

Where: 4105, blvd Saint-Laurent

If you're a night owl, you're in luck, La Magestique is open until 3 a.m. Take advantage of the wine list, but take the chance to pamper yourself a little more with some of the best oyster plates around.

Learn more!

Dom Perignon Bar

Where: 1228, rue Sherbrooke O.

Located in the Ritz Carlton, this is where you go if you want to spoil yourself with something a bit more high-end. But hey, you deserve the best: it's Valentine's Day - enjoy a glass of sparkling wine.

Get a glimpse!

H123 (Hello123 - St Henri)

Where: 3580, rue Notre-Dame O.

If you're looking to enjoy a glass of wine while snacking on some all vegan food, check out newcomer H123. The wines are all raw and natural and the setting is one where you can relax in jeans.

Reserve your spot!

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Mano Cornuto

Where: 988, rue Ottawa

This Montreal restaurant newcomer is already getting some much-deserved attention. Super low-key, this Italian café has a nice list of natural wines to choose from.

Take a look!

Vin Papillon 

Where: 2519, rue Notre-Dame O.

You can't say the words wine bar without a mention of Vin Papillon. The only negative about this bar is you may have to test your patience and wait in line, luckily since you're solo, you may get a place sooner. But every minute waiting is worth it to experience some of these wines.

Take a look at the Facebook page!

Dominion Square Tavern

Where: 1243, rue Metcalfe

The best place to get lost in the crowd may be the Dominion Square Tavern. Always busy, always lively - tune out the rest of the world and just focus on the people around you and your glass of wine.

Take a look!

Le Blossom Bar 

Where: 1101, blvd de Maisonneuve E.

While this is usually the place for sake, the wine list is still impressive. And what better way to treat yourself than surrounded by faux cherry blossom trees.

For more info!


Where: 1 Place Ville Marie

Hear me out, yes it's a food hall in a mall, but the new glass-ceiling Biergarten gives the feeling of a being in an outdoor garden and the wine list is all private imports and curated by Jatoba sommelier Marc-André Nadeau.

Check out our review of the space!


Where: 9, ave Fairmount E.

This small Mile End space is a part coffee shop, part wine bar. It's both elegant and unpretentious - making it a great place to treat yourself to a glass of wine.

Check out the wine list!

Enjoy yourself!

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