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15 Awesome Travel Deals From Montreal For Under $110

15 destinations for those travelling on a budget this summer.
15 Awesome Travel Deals From Montreal For Under $110

Spring is here, which means that most Montrealers are starting to emerge from their six-month long hibernation (much like this bear, if we're being honest). The warmth and sun may make you feel like you've been bit by the travel bug, and you're definitely not alone in this feeling.

You don't need a big budget to spend on your getaway. If you're ready to take a break from the city, but you don't want to break the bank, look at one of these 10 awesome travel deals that will spirit you far away from Montreal for under $110.

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TL;DR These 15 deals will spirit you far away from Montreal for under $110. Go on an adventure without hurting your wallet!

This list is inspired by a list originally compiled by Wanderu, an awesome website that makes booking train and bus travel really easy. They list 10 places Montrealers can escape to for under $110.

As per a Wanderu map, $110 can actually get you pretty far. You can explore much of New England on a small budget. All of the prices quoted are for one-way travel.

[rebelmouse-image 26893206 photo_credit="Wanderu" expand=1 original_size="1139x500"] Wanderu

Montreal-Lake Placid: $35.78

Visit this beautiful New York town, which is known for its stunning natural views and abundance of outdoor activities. You can decide to go to this city by bus or by train.

More info.

Montreal-Burlington: $35.78

Vermont is a popular destination for Montrealers because of how close and inexpensive it is. Montrealers can travel by bus to Vermont for only $35.78.

More info.

Montreal-Montpelier: $38.50

This Vermont town is "the only state capital in the U.S. without a McDonald’s." It's a generally quaint and quiet town with an adorable Main street perfect for those times you just want to get away from it all.

More info.

Montreal-Ottawa: $46.29

Many Montrealers have already been to the country's capital, but that doesn't mean it's not worth revisiting. The city also hosts a beautiful tulip festival every May.

More info.

Montreal-Quebec City: $48.33

Though you've probably been to Quebec City before, it's a city worth revisiting. The beautiful architecture and interesting history mean that the city has too many hidden gems to explore in just one visit. You can choose to travel to the city either by bus or by train.

More info.

Montreal-Concord: $61.85

New Hampshire is a beautiful state with a lot of history. But perhaps more importantly, there's no sales tax, so it's easy for Montrealers to get a lot of shopping done for cheap.

More info.

Montreal-Manchester: $63.42

We're talking about the city in New Hampshire, not the one in the UK. You have to check out the Millyard Museum, and old fabric mill. If art is more your thing, make sure you stop by the Currier Museum of Art.

More info.

Montreal-Portland: $72.67

Granted, this makes for one hecking long bus ride, but the city is totally worth the longer travel time. Portland is known for its hipster cafés and amazing seafood.

More info.

Montreal-Providence: $74.01

This is one of those trips where taking the bus really pays off. Not only is land travel more ecologically friendly, but it's also waaay cheaper. A plane ticket to Providence can cost more than $450. The capital of Rhode Island is a beautiful city with art and architecture galore.

More info.

Montreal-New York: $90.40

New York is obviously a classic destination for Montrealers looking to go abroad. Whether you want to enjoy some amazing theatre, go to some world-class museums or shop luxury brands, there is so much to do in New York that a list couldn't even begin to cover it.

More info.

Montreal-Portsmouth: $93

This New Hampshire town is known for its food and its scenery. Check out the beautiful Strawberry Banke museum, which is a historical museum.

More info.

Montreal-Ithaca: $93

Ithaca is a great city for the nature lovers out there. Its gigantic botanical gardens and beautiful scenery add up to one seriously beautiful vacation. It's also the home of Cornell University.

More info.

Montreal-New Haven: $94.74 

The town is obviously known for being the home of Yale (anyone up for meeting cute AND smart college students?). It also has a reputation for being a foodie town.

More info.

Montreal-Philadelphia: $101.20

Philadelphia is known for more than just its cheese steaks. The city has a rich history, encapsulated in its museums and beautiful architecture.

More info.

Montreal-Boston: $105.94

Boston is definitely a city we should all tick off our bucket list. From the New-England charm of its buildings to its amazing restaurants and famous dishes, you can definitely spend a few action-packed days in this city.

More info.

To find out more about the cities listed above and what to do once you get there, check out the original article by Wanderu. Happy travels!

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