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16 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend

It's the beginning of Igloofest!
16 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend: January 17 – 19

After a long week of work, there is nothing more soothing than sailing into Friday and taking some free time to experience everything that the metropolis has to offer. Instead of chilling out at home, I strongly advise that you leave your comfort zone and dive into one of the many cool things to do in Montreal this weekend. From world-famous DJs spinning at after-hour clubs and outdoor music festivals to vintage streetwear flea markets and karaoke mini-putt, our city has got everyone covered.

Montreal's diversity and thriving cultural scene is on full display through the excessive number of activities going on this weekend. Test your dancing skills at Igloofest or your stomach's capacity at Happening Gourmand!

Yes, it is cold out but that has never stopped us before! Don't let the icy sidewalks keep you from going outside and having a blast. 

The city winter activity schedule is approaching its busiest period. There's plenty to occupy your brain and distract you from the cold.

Check Out The First Weekend Of Igloofest

When: (Weekend 1) January 17 – 18, 2020

Where: Quai Jacques Cartier; Old Montreal

Check it out here!

Attend The Winter Biergarten Opening

When: January 18, 2020

Where: 4115 Avenue Pierre Coubert; L'Esplande Du Park Olympique

Find out more here!

Go To A Vintage Bazaar

When: January 18, 2020

Where: 5039 Saint Dominique; Eglise- Saint- Enfant- Jesus

Find out more here!

Get Free Popcorn At Cineplex

When: National Popcorn Day; January 19

Where: Participating Cineplex theatres in Quebec

More info here!

Go To A Roller Skating Party

When: January 18, 2020

Where: 10015 Avenue deBruxelles

Learn more here!

Skate To 90s Music At Beaver Lake

When: January 18

Where: Beaver Lake Skating Rink; 2000 Chemin Remembrance

Get those sweet, sweet details here!

Attend A Free Yoga Class In The Snow

When: January 19, 2020

Where: 10905 rue Basil-Routhier; Parcours Gouin

Find out more here!

Attend An Adoption Event At A Cat Café

When: January 18, 2020

Where: 4833 De Verdun; Café Chato

Learn more here!

Explore Old Montreal With Happening Gourmand

When: January 16 – February 9

Where: Participating Old Montreal restaurants with discounts on tables d'hôte!

Find out more here!

Dance To The Sound Of Victor Calderon

When: January 19, 2020

Where: 858 Rue Ste-Catherine E.

Get all the details here!

Check Out A Vintage Streetwear Flea Market

When: January 18, 2020

Where: 4311 Rue Saint-Denis

Find out more!

Watch Conor McGregor's Return While Drinking Beer

When: January 18, 2020

Where: 1459 Rue Crescent; Sir Winston Churchill Pub

Get all the details!

Check Out Mini-Putt Karaoke

When: January 17, 2020

Where: 6584 Saint-Laurent; Bar Cobra

Learn more here!

Bring Your Dog To Meet Some Shih Tzu

When: January 19, 2020

Where: 4701 Saint-Denis; Le Doggy Café

Learn more here!

Have An Intimate Date At A Lesser-Known Local Bar

When: Whenever!

Where: 12 hidden bars in Montreal that only locals know!

Read our article for all the details!

Attend A Late Christmas Party

When: January 17, 2020

Where: 1106 De Maisonneuve O.; Sousbois

Learn more here!

Enjoy your weekend, Montreal!

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