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17 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas In Montreal That Are Sure To Be Unforgettable

The last fling before the ring!
17 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas In Montreal That Are Sure To Be Unforgettable

Montreal has always been a go-to place for any bride looking to let loose before getting married. Locals and tourists alike find this vibrant city to be the perfect backdrop for that final fling before you the ring. With this being said, there's a ton of cool activities to do that will make for the most memorable of bachelorette parties in Montreal.

Before you or your BFF walks down the aisle in that crisp, white dress, it's a must that you have a bachelorette party to remember. As someone who has done the bride thing already, I can tell you first hand that there's nothing as fun as celebrating the end of your single days surrounded by the friends that have always been there for you.

Bachelorette parties can be held at a night club, but when you are in a city like Montreal, there's a lot more to offer. From private lingerie parties and relaxing spa days to brunches on boats and cooking classes, our city has every ingredient you will ever need for a memorable party with your bride tribe!

Have Brunch On A Boat

Where: 55, Ferry Dock

Brunch is fun but brunch on a boat is bachelorette party-worthy. You can sip mimosas and nosh on bacon while taking in the scenic beauty of our city from a totally different perspective.

And, you will be able to get some pretty cool nautical bride gear to deck our the woman of the hour with!


Relax At A Spa Day At Four Seasons

Where: 1440, rue de la Montagne

The Four Seasons Hotel in Montreal is home to a luxurious spa that would be ideal for a bachelorette party in the city. The lavish details and pristine service will allow the entire party to feel like the queens that they are.

And, as far as the bride goes, she will be so relaxed that she will forget about all the wedding details that are on her plate.


Rent A Spin Studio For The Bride Tribe

Where: 8369, Chemin Montview #102; Le Spin

Sweating before the wedding is always a good idea. And, for the fitness-loving bride, there's nothing more fun than renting out a spin studio for you and your nearest and dearest before the big day.

While working out, you will be in a club-like ambiance, with music blasting, people singing and the coolest workout lighting you can find.


Take A Cooking Class

Where: 6381, blvd Saint-Laurent; La Guilde Culinair

Cooking is a great way of bonding, and why not teach the future wifey a thing or two in the kitchen?

While sipping wine, you will not only get to learn how to cook a new dish but you will also be able to taste your creation, which is the best part of it all.


Sing Karaoke In A Private Room

Where: 1226, rue Mackay; Pang Pang Karaoke

Karaoke is a lot of fun but many people are too shy to let loose in public. At Pang Pang Karaoke, you can let loose and sing your heart out, while in a private room.

The privacy allows you and your friends to let your guard down and share a few laughs.

Pang Pang's VIP rooms are equipped with microphones, comfy couches, alcohol and, a huge screen!


Be Fancy & Go For High Tea

For any bride looking to do something a little classy for their Bachelorette, high tea is a great option.

You can all wear fancy hats and cute outfits and connect with that inner princess that lives inside all of us.

And, as a bonus, you'll be able to snack on some tasty treats while sipping on tea and/or mimosas!

Find out more!

Sip On Bubbles At Bar George

Where: 1440 rue Drummond

Sipping on bubbly is kind of a must on your bachelorette party, and Bar George is the perfect place to do just that.

This stunning and luxurious bar will not only make for a great backdrop but the bride will be able to dress up and show off her almost-married self.


Participate In A Scavenger Hunt In Old Montreal

Where: 165, Place d'Youville

The adventurous bride may not want to do brunch and bubbly. Instead, she's going to want to do something challenging and out of the box and a scavenger hunt checks off those requirements.

You can make cool t-shirts and explore Old Montreal in a way you haven't before!


Host A Lingerie Party

Where: 1001, rue Lenoir suite a-110; Workingirls Lingerie

Surrounded by lingerie while sipping champagne, this activity is a great way of celebrating the end of your besties single life.

Not only will it give your girl gang a chance to bond over sexy undergarments, but it will also a great time for the bride to be to pick out something fierce for her wedding night.


Have Slumber Party At The Ritz

Where: 1228, rue Sherbrooke W.; The Ritz-Carlton

Slumber parties are always fun, especially when you do them at 5-star hotels.

The Ritz-Carlton is a legendary hotel known for its gorgeous rooms and impeccable service. Not only can you and your crew stay there for the night, but you can also indulge in both room service and the incredible restaurant that lives within the hotel.

Any bride would love to be treated like royalty with her friends, even if it's just for one night.


Go On A Wine Tour

Where: 400-3, Place Ville Marie; Kava Tours

Alcohol seems to be a good ingredient when it comes to bachelorette parties. That's why going on a wine tour is a great idea for any event, especially one that is in celebration of such a milestone chapter.

It's classy, it's trendy, and it will get you very, very drunk!


Check Out An Ice Bar

Where: 3426, rue Notre-Dame O.; Cyr

Cyr is not only a kickass restaurant but it also happens to house the coolest ice bar. This chic and out of the box experience will allow you to create a night that everyone, especially the future Mrs will remember forever.

If you're worried that your bride is having cold feet, don't worry, it's just the ice beneath her!


Be Badass Babes At Axe Throwing

Where: 1436, rue Atateken; Rage

I don't know why but there's something about axe throwing that is incredibly thrilling. This badass activity is a great way of letting loose before a big event.

Just be sure to keep the axe far away from the bride, we don't want any accidents!


Paint Something Pretty While Drinking Wine

Where: Various locations; Paint Nite

The best part about a paint nite bachelorette party, besides being with your girls and drinking wine, is the fact that you and your guests can all go home with a little piece of art.

This is a nice keepsake that you can cherish in your home forever, along with the amazing memories of course.


Listen To The Smooth Sounds Of Jazz

Where: 2060, rue Aylmer; House of Jazz

There's something about the House of Jazz that can transport guests to a different era.

Maybe it's the sweet sound of music or the breathtaking chandeliers but something about it makes you remember it forever, especially if you have your bachelorette party here.


Enjoy A Trendy And Delicious Dinner At Fish Bone

Where: 420, rue Notre-Dame O.; Fish Bone

Fish Bone is one of the "it" restaurants in Montreal right now, and there's no secret why.

The killer food combined with the high energy staff and posh setting makes for an ideal spot for a bachelorette shenanigan. After a few glasses of wine, your girl gang will be dancing on a table while swaying to the beats of a live DJ.


Sketch A Nude Model

Where: 1844, rue William; Montreal Art Center

Some ladies prefer to get a little naughty before saying "I do," and this is a classy way of doing just that.

At The Montreal Art Center, you can have a private drawing session with a live nude model (of any gender). You can also bring your snacks and food, to nibble while you work.

And, although you can't bring your own alcohol, there's a bar where you can buy beer and wine. Nothing says a bachelorette party than wine and nudes!


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