17 Open Jobs In Montreal Production Companies If You Dream Of Working On Movies & Games

These jobs will go fast!
17 Open Jobs In Montreal Production Companies If You Dream Of Working On Movies & Games

If you're interested in the film, game, or television industry, you are in the right city. Montreal is home to over 500 production and distribution companies along with 50 film studios. And the good news is they are all looking to hire everything from runners with no experience to more experienced artists and Creative Directors. Because of its varying architecture, both old and new, Montreal streets have been transformed into parts of Europe and North America.

The city of Montreal has laid claim to the backdrop of major Hollywood blockbusters like 300, Life of Pi, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and superhero film X-Men Days of Future Past.

It doesn't matter what type of position you're after or think you have the skills for, the film industry is so vast that recent college grads, accountants, or customer service reps are all needed. 

And the city is only getting more popular to film in due to tax incentives, lower costs, and highly sought after visual effects companies. 

With so much interest in shooting here and working with Quebec studios, there has been a surge in industry jobs. There are approximately 35,000 jobs available right now. 

If you've ever wanted to learn more about what it takes to work in the industry or want to see what type of jobs are up for grabs, take a look below at 17 of the best companies currently looking to hire.

Environment/Props Modeling Artist

If you have three years of experience in 3D animation series and know how to create assets from model sheets or 3D scanners, then you could have the chance to work with the company responsible for The Little Prince, the world's biggest success for a French animated film.

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As a full-time animator, you would be developing and animating characters and props through the pre-production for final animation.

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Technical Coordinator Closed-Captioning

If you have an eye for detail and have great organizational skills, this temporary job at Mel's Studios may be a good fit. A college degree in tech admin (or related field) is all that's needed, though experience in post-production is always an asset.

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Project Accountant

For those with accounting experience, this is a great opportunity to work in the film and television industry but still work on your career. You'll be assisting Mel's in analyzing financial data and helping management on various projects.

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Working nine to five isn't for everyone. Are you good with people? This temp job has a variable schedule and is easy to get to by public transport.

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Closed-Caption Editor

Your bachelor in literature may actually come in handy. The closed-caption editor would be adapting French-language audio-visual programs for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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Storyboard Artist

WB Games in Montreal is looking for an artist for a six-month contract who can transform story notes into visual sequences, including everything from initial camera placement and angles, to character action and camera movement.

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Stereo Production Assistant

This is a great opportunity to get in on the film field. DNEG is looking for someone with knowledge of Office and FTP servers, and who is able to pick up new software easily. You'll be responsible for a multitude of tasks so you can get a peek at many of the processes.

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Production Coordinator

DNEG is also looking for a Production Coordinator who can make sure the artists understand their tasks and keep the production teams informed. You'll need good communication and a good ability to manage industry-specific databases

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Production Graduate Program

This 18-month program will take you through various roles to be able to successfully operate as a VFX Production Manager. You'll learn everything from finance to talent management for large or small scale productions.

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Digital Production Manager

If you have 3+ years VFX experience you can help oversee the scope of delivering shows on time and on schedule and budget.

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VFX Generalist Artists

With three offices worldwide, BUF Montreal wants to hire a generalist VFX artist to join its Montreal office for help on major films. BUF is a leader in visual effects and has paid training for its proprietary software.

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Creative Director

A little more experience is needed for the Creative Director position — five to eight years — but you will be expected to control and direct the creative motion design activities of post-production.

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Brand Manager

Reflector Entertainment is on the lookout for a Brand Manager who will be the essential gatekeeper of the company. Platforms run the gamut from PC/consoles/mobile video games, live immersive experiences, comic books, novels, television series, films, podcasts, etc.

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Production Runner

Becoming a runner is one of the best ways to get your foot in the studio door. It's a tough job as you'll be supporting all teams in various tasks but you'll also learn the basics of the visual effects industry.

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FP&A Manager, Film & TV

You will need strong analytical and problem-solving skills along with five to seven years of experience dealing with multinational companies. But you'll be able to work with a company that worked on the effects for major movies like The Jungle Book, Blade Runner 2049, The Justice League, X-Men series, and Harry Potter

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Production Academy

The 12-week academy will take you through the roles and skills you need to operate as a VFX Production Coordinator. Upon completion, you could be offered a full-time, one-year paid position with Academy at The Focus which supports the world’s leading visual effects studios.

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With so many open positions to fill, if you're looking to work in the film and television industry, now is the time to dust off that CV.

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