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17 Incredibly Romantic Montreal Restaurants Where You Can't Help But Fall In Love

Love is in the air!
17 Incredibly Romantic Montreal Restaurants Where You Can't Help But Fall In Love

Montreal is known to be an inspiring city that is filled with romance, and it's also famous for being a city that knows food. So naturally, combining the two is an easy task. This is why we've decided to make a list of romantic Montreal restaurants, so you know where to go for your next date night.

Although bills tend to pile up, it is important to be able to treat yourself to a lavish and romantic dinner with the person you love. And, for anyone looking for a great meal in a dreamy setting, this list is for you.

I'm someone who believes romance can be found anywhere, including a Mcdonald's. However, with that being said, I would much rather sip on a nice Merlot while cutting into a perfectly cooked, medium-rare steak while gazing into my husbands' eyes then dipping McNuggets into a sweet and sour sauce in a parking lot.

From classic steakhouses to french culinary experiences, the Montreal food scene has something for everyone, including the hopeless romantics in us.

So, next time you want to impress someone, try taking them to one of these restaurants!

Restaurant Gus

Where: 38 rue Beaubien E

This underrated establishment not only serves up seasonal gourmet French dishes with a Tex Mex twist but the cozy atmosphere makes this a romantic option for your next date night.

Chef David Ferguson outdoes himself with each dish, and it's safe to say that everything that comes out of this kitchen is delicious.

This low-key eatery is a go-to date spot for anyone seeking a romantic dining experience in Montreal.

Check out the website!

Le Vin Papillon

Where: 2519 rue Notre-Dame O

This rustic-chic wine bar has a comfortable ambiance that is ideal for any romantic evening with that special someone.

The eclectic farm-fresh fare, impressive wine list and intimate setting are just a few reasons why this establishment earned itself a spot on this list.

Find out more!

Maggie Oakes

Where: 426 Place Jacques-Cartier

Located in Hotel William Gray, Maggie Oakes has a romantic simplicity about it that I can't help but fall in love with.

The seasonal cuisine and dry-aged meats are served in a sophisticated setting, ideal for a romantic evening with your refined and loving partner.

Take a look at the website!


Where: 6389 blvd Saint-Laurent

It is hard not to fall in love in a space as comforting as Pastaga. Pastaga focuses on small plates, natural wine and creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Chef Martin Juneau is the mastermind behind this establishment. And, for those of you looking to "wow" your date, this is the spot for you.

Check it out!


Where: 1504 rue Sherbrooke W

This restaurant may be known for its fine Italian dishes but what I love most about the space is how romantic it is.

The warmly lit venue has become a go-to for special occasions and even weddings because of how stunning it is.

From the moment you enter, you will feel like you have walked into your very own fairy tale.

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Maison Boulud

Where: 1228 rue Sherbrooke W

Maison Boulud is one of those places that gives guests the impression of entering an old-school romance novel.
Located in the posh and legendary Ritz-Carlton hotel, this restaurant oozes romance.

The elevated french menu is stocked with culinary masterpieces and their weekend brunch is one of the best in the city.

Throughout the warm months, the outdoor seating offers a different atmosphere that is equally romantic.

Check out the website!

Restaurant Jérôme Ferrer - Europea

Where: 1065 rue De La Montagne

This eatery is so much more than just a restaurant, it is an experience for all of your senses.

Revered chef Jérôme Ferrer’s takes each dish to new heights. The inventive french plates and tasting menus are inspiring. The townhouse setting creates a warm and romantic experience that is unmatched in the city.

Read more about the restaurant here!


Where: 312 rue Saint-Paul O

This lively restaurant has stone walls and subdued lighting which creates an incredibly poetic setting.

Not only does this restaurant radiate romance but the food that comes out of the kitchen will have you falling in love with more than your date.

From buttered ham with smoked almonds to beef short ribs with a warm balsamic glaze, everything you taste will be more delectable than the next.

Get all the details!


Where: 124 rue McGill

Located in Old Montreal, Pastel is one of those places you need to taste to believe.

The brightly lit space and high-ceilings make for a romantic and fresh setting. Both the tasting menu and the a la carte options will impress even the biggest critic.

My personal favourite part is the chalk wall where guests can commemorate the night by signing it! What a great way of ending a dream-like date!

Take a look at the menu!

Le Club Chasse et Pêche

Where: 423 rue Saint-Claude

Le Club Chasse et Pêche serves refined fish and game dishes in a lodge setting which creates an inspirational and romantic environment.

This eatery has continued to impress both locals and tourists due to its undeniable grace, elevated dishes, and high-end service.

Get more details!

Nora Gray

Where: 1391 rue Saint Jacques

Nora Gray is one of those restaurants that was designed with intimate dates in mind. From the decor to the size and even the plating of each dish, all of it adds to the impeccable ambiance of this Montreal establishment.

The small and cozy eatery creates and delivers some pretty epic meals including a braised whelk fusili that is out of this world.

Find out more!

Les Fillettes

Where: 1226 ave Van Horne

This cozy restaurant is known for its bistro dining, raw bar, weekend brunch, and romantic vibe.

For those of you looking to dine in a romantic setting without pretension, Les Fillettes is the spot for you. The phenomenal food matched with the even more impressive wine selection makes for a dining experience to remember.

Take a look at the website!

La Queue de Cheval 

Where: 1181 rue De La Montagne

As one of the most iconic and well-known steakhouses in Montreal, La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse & Raw Bar is a must for any romance seeking couple looking to indulge in a steak dinner.

The swanky stone mansion houses aged steaks, decadent cocktails, and breathtaking decor creates a dining experience incomparable to anywhere else in the city.

Check it out!


Where: 1045 ave Laurier O

This chic French bistro is a Montreal institution that has received praise from locals, tourists, and even celebrities. From the menu items to the ambiance, everything about this restaurant seeps romance.

And, best of all, this establishment offers an after 10 p.m. menu for a fraction of the cost!

Find out more!


Where: 3927 rue Saint-Denis

L'Express is a little slice of Paris living within our city. Serving up refined standards in a chic room with checkered floors and delicious cocktails, everything about this restaurant screams romance.

If travelling to Paris is out of reach at the moment, having a date night at L'Express is a solid alternative.

Learn more about L'Express here!

Buvette Chez Simone

Where: 4869 ave Du Parc

This fun date spot has a romantic ambiance that is ideal for a special night with the person you love.

Not only is this eatery known for its charm but the food that comes out of the kitchen is nothing short of amazing. And, to top it off, they have an extensive wine by the glass selection at a reasonable cost, which is key to a good date!

Get more info!

Le Majestique

Where: 4105 blvd Saint Laurent

It's known that oysters are considered an aphrodisiac and those who have ever dined at Le Majestique know that is their specialty. Some other dishes I love are the pork and all of the shellfish dishes, which are, of course, plated to perfection.

The food is to die for and the setting is ideal for a romantic date with that special someone - a win-win!

Take a look at the website!

Wishing you many romantic dates, my fellow Montrealers!

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