18 Rides At La Ronde That Are No Longer With Us

#14 Will make you very sad.
18 Rides At La Ronde That Are No Longer With Us

If you're like me then you probably have a favorite ride at LaRonde.

It's the one you absolutely must ride first as soon as you get into the park, and it's the ride you'll wait forever in line for.

Sadly, nothing is more heart breaking than getting to LaRonde only to discover that your favorite ride has been retired.

Many great ride have come and gone over the years and although we get new rides to replace them, they can't ever truly be replaced.

So here they are, the top 18 rides that have been retired from LaRonde.

1. Tasses Magiques


2. Le Téléférique


3. La Tornade


4. Hydroid '94


5. Volcanozor


6. Le Twister


7. Maëlstrom




9. Le Diablo (Troika)


10. Le Tapis Volant


12. Astronef (Vertigo) 


13. Les Astrobolides


14. La Pitoune


15. Gyrotron


16. Le Moulin de la Sorcière (Maison Hantée)


17. Le Palais des Glaces


18. La Petite Roue 


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