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19 Authentic Greek Restaurants In Montreal To Try If You're Dreaming Of The Mediterranean

Who doesn't love greek food?
19 Authentic Greek Restaurants In Montreal To Try If You're Dreaming Of The Mediterranean
  • When it comes to Greek food in Montreal , we have some amazing options all through the city, and MTL Blog has made a list of some of the most authentic ones.
  • Believe us when we say these restaurants' dishes taste like they came straight from Greece.
  • Take a look at our list of best Greek restos below!

There's no denying that Greeks know how to work it in a kitchen. As someone of Greek descent, I'm proud to know that my culture's food is some of the most loved both in our city and around the globe. With that being said, I must admit that I'm very picky when it comes to Greek food, which is why I'm so grateful for the vast amounts of authentic Greek restaurants in Montreal .

And although it's hard to narrow down the best ones, I can assure you that the following eateries will prove that greek food will never go out of style.

When you think of Greek food, you probably think of souvlaki and gyro’s but there is a lot more to this cuisine. From saganaki and kopanisti to spanakopita and pastitsio, Greek food is amongst some of the most flavour-filled foods in the world.

Greeks are known for their simple and tasty dishes and the following eateries have managed to bring the flavours of the motherland and share them with Montreal locals.

Besides my Yiayia and Mother's kitchen, there is nowhere I would rather eat greek food, except Greece of course!


Where: 1112, rue Sherbrooke O.

Zante is without a doubt one of my go-to spots when I want to dress up a little and go on a greek inspired date night. The chic establishment is known for its authentic Greek flavours and cozy ambiance.

Everything that comes out of this kitchen gets you one step closer to Greece. From their octopus and greek salad to their lamb chops and fresh fish, this eatery will satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds, they even make a greek pasta that will blow your mind!


Estiatorio Milos

Where: 5357, ave. du Parc

Milos is one of those epic Montreal eateries that you simply need to taste to believe.

The stylish greek taverna is known for its fresh seafood, mouthwatering lamb chops, and their excellent fried zucchini, also known as the Milos special. I always save a little room for the baklava ice cream because it's my absolute favourite!

This high-end Montreal establishment has been frequented by celebrities, athletes and politicians. However, if you are dying to try it and don't have the funds for their regular menu, this restaurant offers late night and lunch specials.



Where: 4806, ave du Parc

This upscale greek eatery serves up refined greek dishes in a warm setting. The Mediterranean influenced establishment is composed of iconic greek menu items that are all incredibly tasty. My personal favourite dish is the moussaka, it tastes just like my Yiayia's!

Throughout the warmer months, they have a beautiful, vine-filled terrace that will make your dinner all the more romantic.


Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio

Where: 5318, ave. du Parc

Mythos is not just another Greek restaurant in Montreal, because on the weekend it turns into a greek paradise.
The boisterous restaurant is known for its traditional greek dishes, live music, and dancing will make you feel as though you're in a taverna in Athens.



Where: 880, ave. Ball

This family-run Greek restaurant will bring you back to the 1970s. Decorated with vintage tables and a stuffed moose, Marvens is known for its classic Greek dishes, especially for its fried calamari.

And, best of all, the delicious dishes are all fairly affordable, making this a great place to kick that feta craving to the curb.



Where: 818, blvd. Cote-Vertu O.

Elounda is an epic greek spot that is known for serving up some of the best Mediterranean seafood dishes in the city.

The restaurant prides themselves on the quality and consistency of their foods which is something we can all appreciate.


Village Grec

Where: 654, rue Jean-Talon O.

For those of you craving greek food but don't want to deal with the frills of a fancy restaurant, Village Grec is a great option. Located on Jean-Talon this eatery has been a go-to for many Montreal locals for over 40 years.

The old-school diner is known for its traditional brochette and pita dishes that will impress any tzatziki lover.


Estiatorio Kavos

Where: 4922, rue Sherbrooke O.

Located in the heart of Westmount, this greek eatery is known for its modern flair and traditional flavours.

The menu may not be extensive but I can assure you that everything you try will not only impress you but will manage to transport you and your taste buds all the way to Mykonos, the only thing missing is the smell of the sea!



Where: 9530, blvd. de l'Acadie

If you are looking for an unpretentious greek spot with incredible food, Nostos is the place for you.

The charming decor combines with the flavour-filled food makes this a must for any greek food lover living in Montreal.

The grilled chicken and creamy taramasalata are my go-to's when pigging out at this authentic establishment.



Where: 679, rue Saint-Roch

For the past 20 years, my greek family and I have been eating at Tripolis and I can tell you first hand that it has never disappointed. Serving up some of the best porc and lamb chops in the city as well as some of the best salads I'm a fan of everything that comes out of this kitchen.

I especially love the Avgolemono (chicken soup), which I often crave during the cold of winter.

Located in Park Ex, this eatery is one of those epic spots that you pray will never close down.


Rotisserie Panama

Where: Three locations in the greater Montreal area

Rotisserie Panama is known for its casual setting and comforting greek dishes. This eatery is a great place for a family dinner or a casual night out with friends.

I especially love their Saganaki (Fried Greek Cheese) - it's filled with more flavour than you can ever imagine. They are also known for their sweet honey balls and savory main dishes.



Where: 256, rue Saint Viateur O.

Arahova is a franchised restaurant and although there are a ton of locations throughout Montreal, the only one that I frequent is the original on Saint Viateur.

This long-standing Montreal eatery not only serves some of the best pita and souvlaki dishes but in my opinion, they make the best tzatziki in the city. The casual vibe and the well-priced, delicious dishes, will have you coming back time and time again.



Where: 362, ave. Fairmount O.

From the moment you walk into this establishment, the smells and ambiance will instantly carry you to the Mediterranean. The woodsy blue-lined taverna offers seasonal pay-by-weight seafood allowing you to get one bite closer to the Greek islands.

Not only will you have a great culinary experience when eating at Faros but this eatery also prides itself on the cozy atmosphere and great customer service.



Where: Three locations in the greater Montreal area.

With 3 locations in Montreal, there is a reason why people love Petros so much. Not only is the food authentic and fresh but the decor and ambiance truly embody the Hellenic spirit.

Eating at Petros will make you feel like you're eating at a little bistro somewhere in Greece, without having to leave Montreal.


La Maison Grecque

Where: 45, ave. Duluth E.

La Maison Grecque has become a go-to for so many, not only because the food is great but also because you can bring your own wine.

This affordable eatery just so happens to make a killer pastitsio, which just so happens to be one of my favourite dishes. And, for those of you also love that dish, I suggest you try it at La Maison Grecque.



Where: 2310, rue Guy

For those of you reading this who love seafood, Molivos is a great and authentic spot for you.

The nautically-themed restaurant has been around since 1980 and offers a slew of traditional dishes as well as a lunch menu that will truly impress any date.

I especially love the grilled peppers and mushroom soup!


Phyllo Bar Melina's

Where: 5733, ave. Du Parc

For those of you who have been to Greece, I'm sure you noticed that phyllo treats are a big part of the cuisine. Both tiropita and spanakopita are traditional greek treats that just so happen to be two of my favourite things to put in my stomach.

I'm very picky when it comes to my greek phyllo snacks and in my opinion, Melina's serves up some of the best phyllo dishes in the city. This establishment also makes a killer bougatsa, which is a sweet and creamy phyllo dish, ideal for desert.


Yia Sou Greek Grill

Where: 5375, ave. Queen Mary

If you love calamari, you are going to want to check out Yia Sou because they truly take the dish to another level. I also love the lamb

But also, don't worry if calamari isn't your thing because Yia Sou has a dish for everyone. The big portions of quality food at an affordable price is what keeps clients constantly coming back for more.



Where: 522, rue Jarry O.

Greek food is not all about fish and lamb chops, it's also about the loukoumades, also known as honey balls. These deep-fried balls of sweetness are truly incredible and Loukouman knows how to make them well.

I have been to Greece a couple of times in my life and one of the things I love most is the frappes. Whenever I'm craving a classic Greek ice coffee, Loukouman is where I go because, in my opinion, they make the best frappes in Montreal as they taste exactly like the ones you would get in Greece.


I hope you enjoy your next Greek meal, Montreal!

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