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Two Turcot Interchange Entrances Have Finally Re-Opened

But there's now only one lane open on the new 720 west....
Turcot Interchange Autoroute 720 Autoroute 20 Montreal

The construction on the Turcot Interchange in Montreal, and its associated headaches, have been a part of the reality of our city for some time, now. So much so that the news of two entrances re-opening this morning may feel to some like a hoax, a sham, a total fake news.

But, no, dear doubter. I understand your hesitation to believe such great news and I'm here to assure you that this time, the news is real. 

Crews were hard at work the past couple days, hence all the Turcot Interchange and associated highway closures this past Thanksgiving weekend.

The Autoroutes 20 and 720 (Ville-Marie Expressway) both saw their share of closures this weekend, with the 720 being closed in both directions, and the 20 being closed westbound from the Turcot Interchange through to into the city.

But Monday morning at around 5 a.m., crews at the Turcot Interchange managed to re-open two entrances heading into the city, meaning the commute into Montreal just got a little less stressful.

Particularly if your commute includes either one of these two entrances onto the Ville-Marie Expressway.

Though all lanes but one from the 720 to the 20 will be closed starting this week until November, we have two entrance openings to be happy about here in Montreal. 

The entrances onto the Ville-Marie Expressway (Autoroute 720) from rue Lucien-L'Allier re-opened Monday morning at 5 a.m.

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In addition to the Lucien L'Allier entrance re-opening, the rue du Fort entrance also re-opened Monday morning around 5 a.m., thanks to the crew who worked tirelessly through this Thanksgiving weekend.

It's easy to be pissed about the closures and construction that is always going on in our city, but it's worth remembering that this work is done, in theory, to better our lives.

And the people who do that work are often hated on instead of thanked, considering the unfavourable hours and physically demanding labour that is required of them.

Luckily, they're often well-compensated.

If you've ever considered a job in construction, now is totally the time to go for it, as there are apparently 20,000 construction jobs to be had in Montreal, and for some the pay is up to $50/hr.

Otherwise, just be grateful that we're actually starting to see and have access to the Turcot Interchange's final product after all this work.

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