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20 Bike Paths That Will Make You Fall In Love With Montreal

Routes to soak up the beautiful views this city has to offer.
20 Bike Paths That Will Make You Fall In Love With Montreal

Montreal is consistently ranked as the top biking city in North America and one of the best in the world for good reason. With over 500 kilometres of bike paths and more being added every year, Montreal is a cycling city like no other.

Cycling is so ingrained into the culture of Montreal that you're likely to find the bravest cyclists still rolling in the dead of winter! For most of us though, summer is bike season in Montreal.

If you're new to the city or just visiting, finding the perfect bike path in Montreal might seem overwhelming. Not to mention the amount of traffic dodging you'd have to do to find your way around. Lucky for you, you've got MTL Blog! 

Here are 20 bike paths that will make you fall in love with Montreal!

Please wear a helmet before you ride. The streets of Montreal can be dangerous and chaotic. Oh, and cops love giving tickets to cyclists! 

Maisonneuve Bike Path

The quintessential downtown Montreal bike path that runs West to East will likely be the first one you'll ride on! Probably the best way to explore the city if you're a newcomer as it hits three key neighbourhoods: N.D.G, Westmount, and Downtown.

The Lachine Canal Bike Path

Once you tackle downtown, you'll be ready for the even busier Lachine Canal Bike Path! Despite the traffic, it's totally worth it as it's one of the most beautiful rides in the city that takes you from the Old Port all the way to the borough of Lachine.

Berges Ouest Bike Path

If you crave adventure, there's no better bike path than the Berges Ouest. Extending along the Fleuve Saint-Laurent, this bike path reaches the Lachine Rapids and beyond.

Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve 

Ever biked on a Formula 1 race track? I didn't think so. If you have a need for speed, head down to Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve for a bike ride like no other.

Mont-Royal Bike Path

A favourite among the city's Lance Armstrong types, the Mont-Royal bike path has a few dope features. There's a chill, meandering dirt path through the woods, a punishing uphill climb along a shared road, and a spot where you can mountain bike!

Jacques-Cartier Bridge 

Biking along one of Montreal's many bridges gives you a sweeping view of the city. It's not even that long of a ride and when you're on the other side, explore the South Shore!

Parc Jean-Drapeau 

One of the most scenic bike routes in Montreal is a must-try ride that is equal parts romantic and relaxing!

North-South Bike Route

This 10-kilometre bike route cuts through some of the best neighbourhoods in Montreal including le Plateau, Rosemont, and Mile-End. It's one of the less scenic ones but leads you directly to Parc de la Visitation.

Les Bois de l'Île Bizard 

It's about a couple of hours biking from downtown Montreal, but it's one of the best-kept secrets in town. While technically off-island, this series of bike paths meanders through quiet roads and marshy forests.

Parc Angrignon 

Another one of Montreal's many parks, Angrignon is huge and has an incredible bike path that hits all the major landmarks of the park. It won't take you too long to bike it but stick around because the park is awesome.

Parc La Fontaine 

Once again, this is a series of bike paths that winds around one of Montreal's most famous parks. Follow the paths out of the park and experience one of Montreal's nicest neighbourhoods.

Parc de la Visitation 

Following the river along the North Shore of Montreal, this incredibly scenic bike ride brings you through one of the city's oldest nature reserves. There are plenty of things to explore in this park such as a historical site and choppy rapids.

Pont de la Concorde 

This long bridge directly connects Montreal to Parc Jean-Drapeau and it's one of the most scenic rides in town. It's quite a long ride and it's a cyclist's paradise with wide lanes and a well-paved road.

Parc Rene-Levesque 

You can find this huge park at the end of the Lachine Canal bike path at the southwestern tip of Montreal. It's a wonderful bike ride through the park, with plenty of space and lovely views of the river.

Canal de l'Aqueduct

Consider this one the Lachine Canal's little brother. Sure, it's not as long, but this ride, which takes you through Pointe-Saint-Charles, Verdun, and Lasalle, is super scenic and totally worth it!

Rachel Bike Path

Cutting through one of Montreal's trendiest neighbourhoods and ending at Mont-Royal, this bike path has everything covered and more! From cafés to hip little shops, bring a bike lock because the Rachel path is worth the trip.

Cote-Saint-Catherine/Edouard Montpetit Bike Path 

This winding urban bike path isn't often the first one you'd think of but it's one of the most efficient ways to get from the East of the mountain to the West. Cutting behind Mont-Royal through one of the quietest neighbourhoods, this bike path passes a couple of great landmarks such as the Université de Montréal and Saint-Joseph's Oratory.


This scenic ride that's 20 minutes from downtown Montreal will make you feel like you're nowhere near the city. For a perfect escape, head to Îles-de-Boucherville to experience one of Montreal's natural wonders.

Bois-Franc/Nouveau Saint-Laurent Bike Path 

You might not find this one in the guidebooks, but if you venture a little bit northwest of the city, you'll find the neighbourhood of Ville Saint-Laurent. The quiet suburbia has one of the best bike paths in town!

Boulevard Gouin Bike Path 

If you were to take the previous bike path from the beginning to the end, you'll end up on Gouin. Montreal's longest East-West street has a bike path running along the whole length of it. This shoreline drive is a gorgeous way to experience literally all of Montreal.

To find all these bike paths and many more in Montreal, check out this handy map from exo Montreal!

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