20 BYOB Restaurants In Montreal That Are Perfect For A Night Out With Friends

Food tastes better when you bring your own wine!
Friends with wine cheers

The best restaurants are the restaurants that let you bring your own booze.

We can all agree that when going out to eat, the alcohol consumption is what tends to break the bank the most.

We in Montreal are very lucky because we have so many incredible restaurants that are BYOB — so many that sometimes it can be overwhelming. To help you in your search, we've put together this list of not five, not ten, but twenty BYOB restaurants. 

So sit back and enjoy the read — sorry in advance if this list makes you hungry!

Pizzeria Napolitana

Where: 189 Rue Dante

This Montreal staple is one of the best spots in our city for a thin-crust pizza or some mouth-watering pasta.

Pizzeria Napolitana is also one of the most popular BYOB spots in our city, which explains why it is always jam-packed.

No matter the day, no matter the season, you can count on this Montreal gem to serve you with some of the most decadent and carb-loaded meals you will ever have.

Visit their website here!

Lannes et Pacifique

Where: 200 Rue Beaubien E.

Lannes et Pacifique is not only BYOB, but also one of the most underrated restaurants in Montreal.

Situated right on the corner of Beaubien and Gaspé, this bistro is everything you have been looking for and more.

The eatery offers delicious and creative seasonal takes on Tradition French cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients daily.

From braised lamb to salmon verrines, this BYOB haven is a must! Just make sure you save room for their famous desserts.

Visit their website here!

Le Quartier General

Where: 1251 Rue Gilford

Located in Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal borough, Le Quartier General is an upscale bistro that just happens to be BYOB.

The restaurant is beautiful and has an open-kitchen setting creating a cozy yet chic environment.

The price is reasonable and the quality is incredible, plus the fact that it is BYOB makes it an even better deal.

Visit their website here!

Tandem Restaurant

Where: 586 Rue Villeray

Tandem is a French restaurant that is known for its market-driven fixed price menu, delicious food and impeccable presentation — the plates are so photogenic it hurts.

This is a great spot to indulge without breaking the bank!

Visit their website here!

Yuukai Japonese Fusion

Where: 5407 Ave. du Parc

This delicious sushi haven is best known for its creative rolls and relaxed environment bolstered by its BYOB status.

Yuukai is a great spot for any occasion and it is one hundred percent a must try for all locals and tourists, alike!

Visit their website here!

Le Margaux

Where: 5058 Ave. du Parc

Le Margaux has a great name and equally great eats.

Located on Ave. du Parc, this elegant and sophisticated BYOB establishment puts their own spin on southwestern French cuisine.

Jerome Chatenet, who is the chef and owner of Le Margaux, created exceptional statement plates that are all to die for.

Visit their website here!

La Khaima

Where: 142 Ave. Fairmount O.

This restaurant puts a twist on traditional African cuisine, and for those of you who have never tried it, it is pretty great!

Located on Ave. Fairmont, La Khaima gives you the sense of being on the other side of the world. The unique atmosphere and tantalizing smells are bound to get your mouth watering.

A mix of both North and West African dishes, the menu changes daily.

All meals are made using fresh, local and organic ingredients and there are always vegetarian and gluten free options on the menu.

Oh…and to make it even more amazing, this spot is obviously, BYOB.

Visit their website here!

Mon Ami

Where: 6290 Ave. Somerled

This BYOB Korean restaurant is known for its delectable fried chicken and savory bibimbap.

The authenticity of the food is what customers love most about this restaurant.

This family owned establishment is also very well priced and the fact that you can bring your own wine makes it even more affordable.

Visit their website here!

La Raclette

Where: 1059 Rue Gilford

Okay, so who doesn’t love indulging in melted cheese with friends?

La Raclette is a BYOB swiss raclette and cheese fondue restaurant. It's especially fun with either a group of friends or for a date night.

For the past 30 years, Montreal locals have been enjoying the great tastes that come out of La Raclette and you should too!

Visit their website here!


Where: 3629 Rue Wellington

If you are looking for beautiful plating and unique flavors, this restaurant is for you.

Wellington stylishly presents fresh, Quebec cuisine in an environment that balances the comfortable charm of a provincial homestead with clean modern lines.

The fact that it is BYOB makes it that much better.

Visit their website here!


Where: 1112 Blvd. de Maisonneuve E.

O’Thym is another delicious Québécois bistros.

Known for its seasonal ingredients and set priced lunches, O’Thym has been a go-to for many clients for years.

This is a great date spot for anyone looking to impress!

Visit their website here!


Where: 323 Rue Ontario

Bagatelle’s story began in 2004 with sandwhiche deliveries by bike!

In 2006, the owners weren’t able to meet the growing demand and so opened the doors of Baguette and Bagatelle.

In 2011, it became Bagatelle and they have been killing the game ever since.

Bagatelle bistro is delicious, fun, and perfect for your next dinner.

Visit their website here!


Where: 917 Rue Rachel E.

Luna, Korean restaurant located on rue Rachel, is a fan favourite.

It's one of those places that combines great, authentic food with friendly service that patrons treasure. It also has countless vegetarian options.

Another great thing about this establishment is that they will bring you little tester plates as you wait for your food.

Visit their website here!

Gracia Afrika

Where: 506 Rue Notre-Dame O.

Gracia Afrika is a cozy and affordableAfrican and Creole restaurant.

Located in St Henri, this establishment has been feeding loyal clients for years and they claim that the food just keeps getting better.

Visit their website here!

Pho Viet

Where: 1663 Rue Amherst

I honestly do not think I know anyone who does not love Pho soup, especially when you can complement it with your own wine.

Pho Viet, located on Amherst is a Vietnamese restaurant known for its traditional soups.

The restaurant is one of the best spots in the city and if you have not been, you should definitely go, even in this heat…it is that good.

Visit their website here!


Where: 771 Rue Rachel E.

Prince has an amazing ambiance and its airy modern feel transports you out of the chaos of everyday life.

The French restaurant is extremely popular, especially among vegetarians, given its many veggie plates.

Make sure you leave room for dessert, because each one of them is outstanding!

Visit their website here!

Khyber Pass

Where: 506 Ave. Duluth E.

This family-friendly BYOB establishment features flavourful Afghan dishes. Customer favourites include the meat kebabs, lentil soup and numerous lamb specialties.

Khyber Pass was personally my first Afghan cuisine experience and I am sure to be going back soon!

Visit their website here!


Where: 2004 Ave. de l'Hôtel-de-Ville

The food at Grenadine oozes with flavour.

Located on Hotel de Ville, this Asian-French fusion restaurant is everything you didn’t know you needed.

The chefs at Grenadine pride themselves on their colourful and tasty meals.

All dishes are made with local ingredients but with the right exotic twist, these dishes are taken to the next level.

Visit their website here!

Le P’Tit Plateu

Where: 330 Rue Marie-Anne E.

Le P’Tit Plateau is one of the most charming restaurants in our city.

The mismatched wooden tables give off such a sweet and comfy environment — you can’t help but fall in love.

Serving up some of the best French southern cuisine in the 514, this gem of a restaurant only has two dining times, so make sure you reserve for the opportunity to indulge in their delicious meals.

When you go, make sure to try their duck confit and foie gras, they are truly something special!

Visit their website here!

Eduardo Duluth

Where: 404 Avenue Duluth E.

This little pearl is one of our city’s best BYOB restaurants if you are in the mood for cheap Italian food.

The set priced menu is filled with amazing multicourse meals that are as appetizing to your eye as they are to your taste buds.

From delicious pastas to even better deserts, make sure when you visit you are not on a diet because this restaurant is a carb lovers dream!

Visit their website here!

What are your favorite BYOB spots in MTL?

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