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20 Of The Best Looks From This Weekend's Osheaga Festival In Montreal

Creativity is key when dressing to impress at Osheaga.
20 Of The Best Looks From This Weekend's Osheaga Festival In Montreal

Ah, festival fashion. I'm not quite sure when it became its own fashion category, but I'm all about it. Most people see festivals as an excuse to wear more daring looks, and we see a whole range of fun outfits, from fishnet tigh-highs to light-up shoelaces to neon pants. 

Festival fashion also makes it pretty obvious what is trending in any particular season. Flower crowns, begone: this year was all about neon bike shorts, tube tops and teeny tiny sunglasses.

Osheaga is no stranger to fun festival fashion. A host of handsome people descended on Parc Jean-Drapeau in their best festival-ready outfits. Here are a few of our "coup-de-coeurs." 

Oh, the flowy pants! The sunbrellas! These girls (@vekarel and @alexoubl) know exactly how to keep cool (and protect their skin) while looking super festival-ready in hippie outfits.

Patterned pants are always a good idea, as are fun sunglasses and teeny tube tops.

Though most people opt for shorts or pants, you can look just as cute (if not cuter!) in a flowy sundress or unexpected pantsuit.

Clothes are important, but a great makeup look can make or break your festival outfit. These girls went above and beyond with sparkly, colourful looks.

Your outfit doesn't need to be colourful to make an impact. I am LOVING the white pants and black belt/chain combo.

I'm a sucker for bright, monochrome outfits, so this year's Osheaga was a feast for the eyes, as the outfits above show.

These girls prove that an all-black outfit doesn't have to be boring with the right textures and accessories.

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80s patterned co-ords? Check. Fun, leopard-print shorts? Check. Great sunglasses? Check! These girls have it going ON.

Tube socks and a headband? I think the 80s are back in the best possible way. Not to mention that great leopard-print shirt.

There's more than one way to wear the bike shorts/fanny pack look.

Matching your look to your drink is always a winning idea.

You don't need to be wearing 15 layers of clothes to make a statement. A few pops of colour do just the trick.

We obviously all need to appreciate the genius that is Normani's outfit. I feel like putting performers on this list is kind of cheating but come on: this look is just too good.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: matching co-ords is the way to go. Especially if you can mix clashing patterns elegantly like this.

Though neons were all the rage this year, there's something to be said about a great pastel look. Especially if complete with larger-than-life accessories.

Neon, leopard-print biker shorts. Now, THIS is how you take a trend and roll with it. Bonus points if you match with your bestie.

Nothing makes a statement quite like big, block-coloured pants, as the two outfits above prove.

Is it time to plan next year's outfit yet?? 

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