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21 Cheap Restaurants You Need To Try In Montreal If You Haven't Already

Budget-friendly eats for all-kinds of tastes!
21 Cheap Restaurants You Need To Try In Montreal If You Haven't Already

I think we can all agree that Montreal has way too many amazing restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that like it's a bad thing!

You can go eat five-star cuisine with ingredients sourced from a mountain passage in the Northernmost part of the Northernmost town in the West just as easily as you can go eat random meat in a wrap with a taste that'll make you believe in dreams again. 

This is Montreal. We're blessed with the best. For those of us that can't afford the splendours of fine dining, we must make do with frugal random meat wraps. And to be honest...the options are way better and way tastier. 

Here are the 21 finest cheap restaurants you need to try in Montreal!

Mei Restaurant

What: A traditional Chinese restaurant in the heart of Downtown Montreal. Only $9.99 for 15 dumplings. Nothing on the menu exceeds $11.99.

Where: 1425 rue Mackay

Check them out here!

Tacos Tijuana 

What: A family-owned small restaurant in N.D.G. that serves up amazing tacos at only $5 bucks apiece. Oh yeah, burritos the size of a small child at only $10!

Where: 5893 Sherbrooke O.

Check them out here!


What: A quintessential Plateau Mont-Royal Portuguese chicken restaurant with heaping portions for as little as $10 bucks.

Where: 115 rue Rachel E.

Check them out here!


What: Incredible Indian thali dishes at an affordable price - $6.50 to $7.50 for all meals.

Where: 5195 rue Pare

Check them out here!

Drogheria Fine 

What: Handmade gnocchi in a Chinese takeout box for only $5 bucks!

Where: 68 Avenue Fairmount O.

Check them out here!

Shi Tang 

What: Authentic homemade Chinese food in a cafeteria setting, $10 for a three dish combo and unlimited rice.

Where: 1622 de Maisonneuve O.

Check them out here!

Hoang Oahn Sandwich

What: Delicious handmade Bahn Mi sandwiches for only $4 or less.

Where: 1071 boulevard Saint-Laurent // 7178 rue St-Denis

Check them out here!

Falafel St. Jacques 

What: Vegetarian-friendly eats in Lachine with huge falafel wraps at only $7 bucks.

Where: 345 rue St. Jacques

Check them out here!

Decarie Hot Dog

What: A classic Montreal greasy spoon that's been serving up $2 steamies since the 1960s.

Where: 953 boulevard Decarie

Check them out here!

Pho Tay Ho

What: Huge servings of flavourful pho bowls for only $10 bucks or less.

Where: 6414 rue St-Denis

Check them out here!

Pick's Burger

What: Customized, made-to-order burger trios for as little as $12. Oh, and Korean tacos too!

Where: 1407 rue Saint-Marc

Check them out here!

Vinh Hing

What: This is one of the only places in Montreal that has traditional homemade Phnom Pehn soup from Vietnam. Prices range from $7-$10.

Where: 939 boulevard Decarie

Check them out here!

Wilensky's Light Lunch 

What: Since 1932, Montrealers have gone to Wilensky's for the $4.17 Wilensky special sandwich.

Where: 34 Avenue Fairmount O.

Check them out here!

Tacos Frida

What: A delicious St-Henri Mexican restaurant with tacos for only $2.50!

Where: 4350 rue Notre-Dame O.

Check them out here!

Patati Patata 

What: A classic Plateau-Mont-Royal diner that has awesome burgers and one of the best poutines in the city. Combos under $12 bucks!

Where: 4177 boulevard St-Laurent

Check them out here!

Super Sandwich 

What: An amazing sandwich starting at only $3.50! A favourite with the lunch rush crowds.

Where: 1115 Sherbrooke O.

Check them out here!

Qing Hua Dumplings 

What: Probably one of Montreal's most well-known dumpling restaurants. Just $12.99 for 15 dumplings.

Where: 1019 boulevard St-Laurent // 1676 Avenue Lincoln

Check them out here!

Joe's Panini

What: Downtown Montreal's 24/7 panini specialist is one of the best deals around at $5 bucks for most sandwiches.

Where: 1404 rue Drummond

Check them out here!

Thali Cuisine Indienne 

What: A no-frills Indian restaurant with thali dishes starting at only $9.50!

Where: 1409 rue Saint-Marc

Check them out here!


What: Since 1986, Boustan is the go-to 24-hour cheap eats for many Montrealers, sober or otherwise. You know the drill, wraps start at $4.50!

Where: Various locations around Montreal.

Check them out here!


What: Montreal's best falafels are located in Downtown and start at only $1.69 per wrap!

Where: 1923 rue St-Catherine O.

Check them out here!

Bon cheap appetit, Montreal!