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21 Montreal Brunch Spots To Make The Morning After A Little More Bearable

More bacon please!
21 Montreal Brunch Spots To Make The Morning After A Little More Bearable

Brunch is good for so many occasions: hangovers, girl time, day dates and, of course, those memorable "morning after" dates where both of you feel slightly awkward and forced to be sharing a meal after maybe just meeting the night before. Lucky for us, Montreal is a city that is crawling with brunch spots to pick from... so much so it was hard to narrow it down to just 21 Montreal brunch spots. But here they are!

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good breakfast joint. Throughout Montreal, we are lucky enough to have a slew of brunch spots all around the city. I have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with that theory in mind, I became slightly obsessed with noshing on eggs, bacon and all that other good stuff.

There are so many cool spots throughout the city that serve up all sorts of brunches.

From Middle Eastern-inspired brunches and lavish eateries to iconic 1940’s diners and classic Canadian spots, Montreal has a lot to offer to brunch lovers.

Next time you are looking for a place to brunch, consult this list and see which spots you haven’t tried. Make sure to let us know which one was your favourite!


Where: 1199 Ave Van Horne

If you want something a little out of the box, Bloomfield is for you. Known for their middle eastern-inspired breakfast dishes, this adorable spot will allow you to experience a whole new set of flavours.

Visit their website here.

Le Vieux Velo

Where: 59 Rue Beaubien Est

Le View Velo is an affordable eatery that cooks up mouth-watering eggs benedict. Although they have a small menu, you will still be able to find anything you are craving. From smoothies to eggs, everything brunch can be found at this eatery.

Visit their website here.


Where: 93 Rue Mont-Royal West

Beauty’s is the OG breakfast joint in Montreal. As the first of its kind in our city, this Montreal eatery is part of our history.

Beauty’s has been serving happy customers since 1942 and its retro décor will give you the illusion of entering a different time.

And, of course, the food is awesome!

Visit their website here.

Le Passé Composé

Where: 1310 Boulevard de Maisonneuve East

There is something darling about this little corner bistro, especially during brunch. Their refined seasonal egg dishes and outstanding crêpes are what keep me going back time and time again.

This adorable eatery will instantly make you feel comfortable and may even remind you of being in Paris.

Visit their website here.


Where: 120 Rue St Viateur Ouest and 6200 Somerled Avenue

B&M is known for its classic breakfast dishes as well as its consistency. This breakfast spot has everything you will ever need for a satisfying brunch.

From decadent omelettes and breakfast sandwiches to yoghurt parfaits and pancakes, B&M knows how to serve up good grub.

Visit their website here.

Bagel Etc

Where: 4320 Boulevard St Laurent

Bagel Etc is by far one of my favorite spots for brunch in the city. Not only is the food awesome but the exposed brick interior combines with its eclectic décor makes it a fun and comfortable spot to enjoy the most important meal of the day!

Visit their Facebook page here.

Arthurs Nosh

Where: 4621 Rue Notre-Dame West

This tradition Jewish deli is one of the most popular destinations for all your brunch needs. Owned and run by a fierce Montreal couple, this eatery was opened in honour of the owners' late father.

Arthurs Nosh Bar gives off a family-oriented vibe. Decorated with black and white photographs of the late Arthur and his family, this eatery is a must-try for anyone looking for a great place to brunch.

Visit their website here.

Régine Café

Where: 1840 Rue Beaubien Est

Régine is known for its upscale and unique breakfast dishes as well as its hip and retro décor.

This clever Montreal establishment has an eclectic feel, the mismatched velvet chairs allow guests to not only eat comfortably but also feel as though they are simply hanging out at a friend's place!

Visit their website here.

Bar George

Where: 1440 Rue Drummond, Le Mount Stephen

If you are looking for a swanky, upscale brunch then you are going to want to check out Bar George.

Located in Le Mount Stephen, this lavish Montreal gem serves up some of the most flavour-filled brunch dishes your taste buds have ever experienced in a refined and historic setting.

Visit their website here.


Where: 1524 Rue Notre-Dame West

Located in Griffintown, this establishment is fairly new to the Montreal food scene, but that doesn’t mean locals haven’t already become addicted to the dishes.

From incredible baked goods to decadent hot menu items, not to mention their array of beverages, Maman is a must for anyone looking to brunch.

Visit their website here.


Where: 5322 Boulevard St Laurent

This vintage-inspired bar cooks up a legendary brunch that will impress even the biggest critic.

The exposed brick walls and wooden pew seats allow eaters to feel like they are in a different era.

This impeccable eatery should be on your “must-eat” list for 2020!

Visit their website here.

Barley - Bar à Céréales

Where: 2613 Rue Notre-Dame West

This one of a kind eatery is known to serve up some of the most unique brunch items you can find.

From matcha pancakes and lattes topped with cereal, this eatery is not only tasty, but it is also incredibly photogenic allowing you to fill your belly and your social media at the same time.

Visit their website here.


Where: 1468 Rue Peel

If you are an avo-toast loving matcha drinking kind of person, Livia is the spot for you.

Their epic weekend brunches will leave you both satisfied and wanting more all at the same time. And, their new winter menu is already getting me excited!

Visit their website here.

L’ Avenue

Where: 922 Rue Mont-Royal Est,

This hearty Montreal eatery serves up a pretty spectacular brunch. The good food combines with the hip décor makes this a must for any brunch lover searching for a spot to pig out in throughout the city.

This establishment also houses super cool bathrooms, perfect for that quirky hung-over selfie! Worth the inevitable wait in line.

Visit their website here.


Where: 25 Rue Fairmount Ouest

This eatery gives off a comfortable lounge vibe that instantly makes you feel right at home.

Their quirky menu items and mouthwatering breakfast poutines have earned this establishment a spot on our list.

Visit their website here.

Le Butterblume

Where: 5836 Boulevard St Laurent

Fresh pastries and open-faced sandwiches are two of the most popular things at this Montreal establishment.

Le Butterblume has an airy ambience and brick walls that give it a chic but comfortable feel. The menu may be small but I can assure you that everything that comes out of that kitchen will satisfy your every craving.

Visit their website here.

Café Orange

Where: 4011Boulevard Décarie

If you are in the mood for a classic Canadian breakfast then Café Orange is the place for you.

This establishment prides themselves on both the quality of their food and their respectful customer service.

If you have yet to experience this restaurant, you should absolutely check it out!

Visit their website here.

Déjeuner Cosmopolitan

Where: 3208 Boulevard Saint-Martin

This spot may be a little off the island but I couldn’t help but include it on the list. Located in Laval, this eatery is known for their incredibly good breakfast dishes and has been a go-to for Laval and Montreal locals for years.

Visit their website here.


Where: 3001 Rue Notre-Dame West

This stylish restaurant serves up gourmet brunches, milkshakes and cocktails, all of which are to die for.

Not only will the food at this establishment impress you but the décor and all-around vibe will give you the illusion of being somewhere outside of Montreal.

Their fabulous brunches are a must for anyone looking to indulge in a feast!

Visit their website here.

Hof Kelsten

Where: 4524 Boulevard St Laurent

Hof Kelsten serves up epic Jewish and French pastries that will have your taste buds begging for more. If that is not enough for a reason for you to go, Hof Kelsten is also known for its delicious brunches and amazing coffees.

The awesome dishes are served up in a modern and trendy space, making this a great place to brunch!

Visit their website here.

Allo Mon Coco

Where: Numerous locations throughout Quebec.

Allo Mon Coco seems to be everywhere throughout Quebec and I am not complaining about it.

This decadent brunch spot has become a go-to for so many locals. Their cheesy potatoes are loved by so many and their big portions and various menu items make for a great brunch.

Visit their website here.

All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on MTL Blog's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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