21 Montreal Fast Food Spots You Can Still Order From

Sometimes it's good to be bad...
21 Montreal Fast Food Spots You Can Still Order From
  • When it comes to Montreal's fast food spots, our city is filled with them — and luckily for us, many of them are still open for delivery.
  • So, we put together a list of spots that you can order from whenever you want to give in to your guilty pleasures.
  • Check out the list below!

When I find myself in times of struggle, junk food tends to comfort me. And, since leaving our house is not the smart option, I am grateful to live in a city that offers a ton of delivery options, like Italian, Greek, Pho, and even desserts, but sometimes a gal just needs to order from a Montreal fast food joint.

When it comes to junk food, I love it all — pizza, poutine, pogos, burgers, smoked meat... You name it. And, I know I'm not the only person who is grateful to be able to get all of this goodness right to my front door.

If you're going to feel guilty after eating junk food, don't worry — there are a ton of local trainers giving virtual workouts, dance classes, and yoga lessons that you can take part in to make sure that you stay healthy during your isolation.

There is no shame in pigging out at home, in your PJs in front of the television. In fact, we strongly encourage it!

Check out the list of Montreal fast food spots that still offer delivery below.

Miss Jean-Talon


Jonas Montreal


Chez Madona

Available on UberEats

Enjoy your meals, Montreal!

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