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21 Montreal Restaurants That Will Satisfy All Of Your Comfort Food Cravings

Steaming hot, home-style dishes to warm your belly during the cold weather!
21 Montreal Restaurants That Will Satisfy All Of Your Comfort Food Cravings
  • As the cold weather kicks in, everyone's cravings for comfort food undeniably get worse, but luckily Montreal restaurants have got us covered.
  • Why go through the hassle of doing groceries and cooking when these spots will serve whatever your craving right to you in a matter of minutes?
  • Find out where to get some of the best comfort food in the city below!

I often crave comfort food around this time of the year: there is something about the cold weather and the holidays that make me feel nostalgic and in need of some cozy, home-style meals. And luckily for us, Montreal restaurants know how to serve proper comfort food.

To me, "comfort food" does not invoke any particular cuisine. As long as it is warm, filling, heavy on carbs and oozing with cheese, it is comforting to me. When I say I crave comfort food, I could be thinking of anything from pierogies to ramen to mac and cheese.

Luckily, we live in a city that can cater to each and every single one of our epicurious whims. With a variety of restaurants to choose from, why would you limit yourself to just one kind of comfort food?

Whether you're on the hunt for the next spot for your cheat day, looking for a great restaurant to share a meal with friends, or just want to eat your feelings away (the holidays are stressfull, we don't judge), you'll find your perfect restaurant(s) on this list. Take this as an opportunity to explore new neighbourhoods, try a new restaurant, and enjoy a warm, comforting meal out on a cold winter's day.


Where: 1228 Rue Stanley

What: This Russian-themed bar serves classic Eastern European food like pierogies, borscht and cheese boats. Wash it all down with a good beer or a Moscow Mule for the ultimate tummy-warming experience.

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La Raclette

Where: 1059 Rue Gilford.

What: Few dishes can compare to the raclette, a hearty winter dish which consists of taking an already delicious charcuterie board, and then smother it in melted cheese. Not convinced? This restaurant is also BYOB, and it has one of the best chocolate "dome fondant" in town.

If you want more cheesy and delicious options, check out our list of Montreal restaurants to take a date to if they love cheese .

Chez Tousignant

Where: 6956 Rue Drolet

What: Chez Toussignant is a cozy neighbourhood joint reknown for its fully loaded hot dogs and classic poutines. Unlike other fast-food places, everything at Chez Tousignant is homemade, from the sausages to the bread. If you're looking for a true Quebec dinner, this is it.

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Sammi & Soup Dumpling

Where: 1909 Saint-Catherine St W

What: Sammi's & Soup Dumpling is my go-to place on a cold winter day. You can get baskets on baskets of steaming, doughy, soup-y dumplings bursting with flavour without breaking the bank.

For other authentic dumpling spots, take a peep at our list !

La Belle et La Boeuf

Where: Various locations around Montreal

What: La Belle et la Boeuf has a ton of delicious, homey foods that will satisfy all of your cravings. We particularly recommend the grilled cheese and Campbell's soup. It is served with mashed potatoes or fries to amp up the nostalgia factor even more.

Get more info here !

L'Gros Luxe

Where: Numerous locations throughout the city

What: L'Gros Luxe has a decadent menu that consists of fried, cheesy goodness. You have to try their creative creations, which include fried pickles, onion soup poutine and avocado fries. They're vegan-friendly, too!

Check out the menu here !

Dinette Triple Crown

Where: 6704 Rue Clark

What: This is a great option for those who want to get their fill of American dinner classics. Dinette Triple Crown is a Mile End favourite thanks to their amazing, southern-style comfort food.

Pst: in the summer, this diner will pack your lunch in an adorable picnic basket so that you can head straight to the park.

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Lola Rosa

Where: Locations throughout the city

What: Lola Rosa is popular with students thanks to its vegetarian/vegan-only menu choc-full of comfort food classics like nachos, lasagna, quesadillas and more. You can eat a hearty meal and wash it down with a drink for under $20. Don't forget to save room for dessert! I've never been disappointed with their sweet and decadent creations.

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Euro-Deli Batori

Where: 115 Rue Saint Viateur O

What: This cozy eastern-European deli is a deli and a small restaurant, so you can choose to eat in or take your pierogis to go. They also offer a host of other classic comfort foods, like mashed potatoes, euro-style sausages and 'slaw. Get in my belly.

Discover more spots to grab delicious pierogis here .

Da Emma

Where: 777 Rue de la Commune O

What: This authentic Italian restaurant is the perfect place to satisfy your carb cravings. This restaurant is a little more upscale than some of the others on this list, so you might have to make a reservation and put on your dress shirt to enjoy the food that this Montreal establishment has to offer. Trust me, it's worth it.

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Dirty Dogs

Where: 3685 Boulevard St. Laurent, 25 Ave Mont Royal Est & 2010 Rue Crescent

What: A list of comfort-food restaurants would not be complete without including Dirty Dogs. Craving mac n cheese, fried chicken and poutine? Their over-the-top creations will satisfy all of these cravings in just one dish.

Check out Dirty Dogs' Facebook page here .

Macbar et Fromage

Where: 1345 Rue Ontario E

What: Macbar et fromage is the place in Montreal to get the best variety of mac and cheeses. With over 13 varieties of exciting dishes such as the massive "MacViande," with three different kinds of meat, there's an option to please everyone.

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Yokato Yokabai

Where: 4185 Rue Drolet

What: There's nothing more comforting on a cold winter's day than a hearty soup. Ramen is a strong contender for most hearty soup: homemade broth, meat (or veggies), and a healthy amount of veggies and other toppings make each slurp satisfying.

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Garage Beirut

Where: 1238 Rue Mackay

What: warm yogurt, spiced meats and heaping piles of savoury pastries await you at this cozy hole-in-the-wall in the heart of downtown. You NEED to try the fatteh hummus.

Check out the menu !

Stash Café

Where: 200 Rue Saint-Paul W

What: Stash cafe is a must-try for lovers of Polish food. This quaint hole-in-the-wall in the Old Port has an amazing atmosphere: as patrons take a seat on church pews, they can enjoy the dim red lighting, the vintage posters, and, of course, the amazing comfort food.

Check out the website !


Where: 404 Avenue Duluth E

What: This Italian restaurant in the heart of the plateau is a gem. The homey cooking and intimate atmosphere make it a great place for dinner with friends. Oh, and it's BYOB, which means that you can enjoy a full meal with a bottle of wine for very little.

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Maam Bolduc

Where: 4351 Ave de Lorimier

What: This casual restaurant, which has been open for almost 50 years, serves all of the Queb classics, from hot chicken to biftek haché. The unpretentious restaurant has a quirky décor inside, a beautiful patio outside. A must-try.

Check out its colourful menu here !

Chez Claudette

Where: 351 Avenue Laurier E

What: Chez Claudette is open 24 hours from Thursday-Sunday, which means that you can get your Queb comfort food here day or night. Their brunch is excellent, and they have some pretty wild poutines.

Find them on Facebook!

Burger Royal

Where: 3820 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

What: Burger Royal, the Plateau staple, has to feature on this list. This restaurant takes the burger to a whole other level with their creative toppings. Whether you're craving blue cheese or teriyaki on your burger, there's a good chance that you'll find it here.

Take a peek at its menu here .

Café Cantina

Where: 1880 Rue Centre

What: This well-known Mexican spoon makes the transit to Pointe-Saint-Charles worth it. Tortillas, tacos, enchiladas and many more authentic Mexican dishes are bursting with flavour. Not to mention their colourful décor that will transport you far, far away from dull winter days.

Find out more !

Hot Star

Where: 1933 Rue Sainte-Catherine

What: This Taiwanese restaurant makes a massive fried chicken the size of your literal face. If comfort food is what you're after, there might be nothing better than biting into a warm, battered chicken.

Watch our video of this massive fried chicken here .

With all of these options, you should be able to find just what you've been craving. Happy eating, Montreal.

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