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25 Bars In Montreal With A Terrasse You Gotta Go To With Your Friends For Your Birthday

The hidden gardens and urban oases to check out for a night you'll never forget.
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25 Bars In Montreal With A Terrasse You Gotta Go To With Your Friends For Your Birthday

Montreal comes alives in the summer months. Restaurants and bars fling open their doors so that patrons may take full advantage of the fleeting warmth.

If you're lucky enough to have a birthday between May and September, a Montreal restaurant terrasse (as it's called in this city) is the place to spend it.

For this list, we looked at bars and restaurants with a 4 star customer review average or higher with outdoor space that is either located on a ground floor or within a courtyard.

These spaces are usually situated behind restaurants (with few exceptions) and feature permanent masonry or landscaping. Stay tuned for a separate list of best rooftop decks!

A few of these restaurants and bars include space that can adapt with the weather, closing off in the cold or rain and opening to the exterior for optimal moments.

This list accommodates a range of tastes and budgets. There is something for everyone. If you're looking to plan a birthday party or gathering of friends, these are the places to do it!


Where: 1844 rue Amherst

What: Agrikol is a restaurant that serves up "Haitian food! Haitian vibes!" and signature "rum cocktails!" according to its website. The hidden terrasse in back evokes the charm of a Caribbean veranda.

Check it out here!


Where: 1134 ave. du Mont-Royal E.

What: Barraca tapas & rhumerie features a back terrasse complete with plants, a fun mural, and strings of lights. The restaurant Facebook page describes the Barraca experience as "a trip to the Caribbean to discover its rums and cocktails, or Spain to enjoy some tapas with friends."

Check it out here!

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Where: 1708 rue Notre-Dame O.

What: Grinder steakhouse and bar is characterized by its fusion of indoor and outdoor dining. In addition to its summer terrasse, the restaurant interior transforms into a lush oasis in the warm months.

Check it out here!

La Banquise

Where: 994 rue Rachel E.

What: The famous Montreal poutine restaurant also has "a nice outdoor terrasse, microbrewery beers, and excellent lunches."

Check it out here!


Where: 1504 rue Sherbrooke O.

What: "Ristorante Beatrice is an Italian eatery with an affection for flavour and style." The restaurant encourages guests to check out its terrasse, "an intimate and lavish garden in the heart of the city."

Check it out here!

Resto Végo 

Where: 1720 rue Saint-Denis

What: The vegetarian restaurant in the Quartier Latin "offers a soothing environment all in a century-old home. It’s the perfect setting to be inspired and discover new flavours."

Check it out here!


Where: 6896 rue Saint-Dominique

What:One Google Reviewer calls Salmigondis a "beautiful place, very charming at night, especially [the] outside tables."

Check it out here!

Vieux-Port Steakhouse

Where: 39 rue Saint-Paul E.

What: In the cool shadow of the stone façades of the Old Port, the Vieux-Port Steakhouse terrasse is "an unparalleled place to enjoy the summer weather in complete privacy," according to the restaurant website.

Check it out here!

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Terrasses Bonsecours

Where: 364 rue de la Commune E.

What: "Say hello to palm trees and a waterfront view of the city!" The famous restaurant is a great place to celebrate with a pitcher of sangria.

Check it out here!

Auberge Le St-Gabriel

Where: 426 rue St-Gabriel

What: Built in 1688, the "Auberge Saint-Gabriel is a testimony to the history of a nation." The terrasse, however, strikes the perfect balance between modern and colonial elegance.

Check it out here!


Where: 271 rue St-Zotique Ouest

What: The founders of restaurant Manitoba aim to share the "taste of the forest in our plates, a taste of nature in our glasses, wood, rock, wind." The restaurant design, including its outdoor terrasse, is a reflection of this goal.

Check it out here!

Restaurant le Richmond

Where: 377 rue Richmond

What: The restaurant-market combo "is a one space environment where guests can hang out at the bar with a glass of wine and some antipasti, enjoy a full meal at the bistro and then find exclusive grocery products and over 60 items of fresh foods to choose from as take-out for their home."

Check it out here!

Terrasse St-Ambroise

Where: 5080 rue St-Ambroise

What: The Terrasse St-Ambroise takes full advantage of the architectural splendor that lines the Lachine Canal in St-Henri. The terrasse is large enough to accommodate a birthday crowd looking to celebrate with pints of beer brewed on site.

Check it out here!


Where: 1201 ave. Van Horne

What: Damas was recently ranked one of the best restaurants in Canada. Its summer terrasse feels more like a garden extension of the colourful interior space.

Check it out here!

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Le Sainte-Élisabeth

Where: 1412 rue Sainte-Élisabeth

What: Le Sainte-Élisabeth is a European pub whose terrasse is encased within towering vine-covered walls.

Check it out here!

Boris Bistro

Where: 465 rue McGill

What: Boris Bistro occupies the empty shell of a stone building in the Old Port. The dramatic courtyard is perfect for group gatherings.

Check it out here!

Le Local

Where: 740 rue William

What: As its name suggests, Le Local serves cuisine inspired by local flavour in a dramatic space that combines the rustic and the modern, according to its website.

Check it out here!

Air Commune

Where:5705 ave. de Gaspé

What: Air Commune is a summer pop-up bar and community space in the Montreal Mile End. Food trucks and live musical performances line the public terrasse.

Check it out here!

Bar le St-Sulpice

Where: 1680 rue Saint-Denis

What: Saint-Sulpice is a famous Montreal student bar in the Quartier Latin. The Back Terrasse is the perfect place for a large celebration.

Check it out here!

Maison Boulud

Where: 1228 rue Sherbrooke O.

What: Maison Boulud is located within the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The courtyard terrasse is consistently ranked among the best terrasses in Montreal. The space is perfect for a boozy birthday brunch.

Check it out here!

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Jardin Nelson

Where: 407 place Jacques-Cartier

What: The back terrasse of the Jardin Nelson is a sanctuary within the touristic centre of the Old Port. Live jazz animates the space.

Check it out here!

Bar Alexandraplatz

Where: 6731 rue de l’Esplanade

What: Bar Alexandraplatz is a seasonal pop-up in the Mild End that takes over a local garage and outdoor terrasse.

Check it out here!


Where: 1603 rue Ontario E

What: Grenade is an asian fusion restaurant with an intimate but electric back terrasse and deck.

Check it out here!


Where: 3709 blvd. Saint-Laurent

What: The famous (or notorious) club on boulevard St-Laurent also has an underrated back terrasse — the ideal starting point for a night of dancing.

Check it out here!


Where: 4026 rue Wellington

What: The Benelux location in the Montreal borough of Verdun serves up the same artisanal beers as the downtown location on a spacious, verdant terrasse.

Check it out here!

If you're celebrating your birthday this summer in Montreal, check out these terrasses!

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