Saint Antoine Road Closed Due To Deteriorating Water Mane

Three of four lanes will be closed on rue Saint-Antoine Ouest starting today in downtown Montreal. Just when we thought we were entering the season that isn't construction, here we are with more news of new construction starting today.

An important water main that serves about 1.2 million people in downtown Montreal began to show signs of deterioration in July of this year, causing the city to stop its use and re-route the water to three other, smaller pipes, according to CTV News.

The good news is that the problems with the pipe were found before it burst and caused flooding of any surrounding areas, such as the Orange line or the Ville-Marie Tunnel, as mayor Valérie Plante was quick to highlight during the council meeting.

So, that's the good news. 

The bad news is that the pipe now needs work, no question, and because it's a matter of getting clean drinking water to the citizens downtown, the construction company that was awarded the contract to complete the work will begin breaking ground immediately.

Even worse, the pipe runs along the Ville-Marie Expressway between Guy and Atwater, meaning it's no short distance that will be closed off to traffic while they right the situation.

This news comes just two days after we were rejoicing that two entrances onto the Ville-Marie Expressway were just opened after extensive work tied to the Turcot Interchange.

Below is a map showing the length of the pipe between Atwater and Guy.

[rebelmouse-image 26888965 alt="Construction On St. Antoine In Montreal Begins Today Thanks To Deteriorated Water Mane" photo_credit="Google Maps" expand=1 original_size="931x748"] Google Maps

Luckily the Expressway itself won't be impacted by the immediate work that will begin today.

Though, that doesn't mean there won't be traffic delays related to this project.

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Just south of the Expressway lies rue Saint-Antoine Ouest, and this is the access point that workers will use to replace the pipe between Atwater and Guy.

This means that three of four lanes will be closed along Saint-Antoine for the foreseeable future. CTV News indicates it will be "at least a couple months."

So getting around that area of downtown is going to be a bit of a hassle for the next couple months, but as Plante pointed out, we're lucky that it was caught before a serious flood happened.

And, we can be happy that three of the four lanes going westbound on the Expressway have been opened since Monday, meaning commutes are slightly less hellish these days.

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