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30 Relatable Winter Memes So You Can Laugh Through Your Frozen Tears In The Montreal Cold

Looking at memes is the ultimate winter activity.
30 Winter Memes To Laugh Through Your Tears During The Montreal Snowstorm
  • Here are 30 winter memes to put a smile on your face even in the depths of the Montreal cold season.
  • As much as Montrealers love to complain about winter, we all know it's part of what makes our city special.

With the winter season in full-force here in Montreal, sometimes the snow can weigh heavy on our hearts, as it does on the trees in the park and the roofs of nearly-condemned buildings across the city. This is why we've come with the gift of laughter. If Santa didn't bring you what you wanted this year, at least you have these winter memes to get you through the coldest season in Montreal.

Sure, you may say winter is winter wherever you go... but we know this isn't true.

Montrealers revel in the snowy season when they aren't using it as an excuse to vent their everyday frustrations.

The snow brings the city to life in a new way... we're brought together in our struggle to stay upright while walking on the sidewalks. 

We find strange and special excuses to gather together in freezing sub-zero temperatures with the promise of a couple bonfires shared amongst thousands. 

Winter in Montreal is a special place, and a snowstorm makes it even more so. Thus, I present to you 30 winter memes to help you laugh through your tears during this Montreal snowstorm.

The sun has abandoned us

We are alone with the cold moon now. This is fine, we are used to the abandonment, and welcome the sun back with fawning and festivities every spring.

Though, just because spring rolls around the sun comes back doesn't mean anything.

We all remember the snows of April, 2019, right?

All we can do is pray for the day off

When the mayor of Montreal postponed Halloween due to a pretty severe wind and rain storm, we knew the jokes would never end.

Laval jokingly postponed Christmas due to lack of snow a month later.

But any jokes at the mayor's expense now come from a place of senseless hope. She's the only one who can save us from work now... and with all sardonicism, she'll likely never do it again.

That's what you get, ingrates.

Snow days are rare as an adult, which means there's no point even checking the weather.

You better just start trudging to the metro and hope you get swept away by a snowplow en route.

You've done it before, you'll do it again. Layer up and shut up, amirite?

Unless you can come up with a beautiful excuse like the man mentioned above.

Brilliant. Who wouldn't appreciate the desire to keep that pristine blanket of snow as-is?

Snow can bring out the child in us

Yes, that desire to protect the pristine blanket of snow is often followed by the intense desire to run through it and cause as much disruption as possible.

Snow does tend to bring out the child in us. The wonder. The curiosity.

The desire to skip out on responsibilities and go tobogganing.

Though with the frequent inability to do anything other than layer up and shut up, it can be hard to maintain that childlike optimism.

Or... bring out the Scrooge in us

Yes, the snow has the power to bring out the Scrooge in us, too.

Though, as the comic above beautifully displays, as Canadians we have clever and inventive ways of venting our anger.

Ever write something nasty in the snow on a car's windshield? Powerful stuff. Plus, it will either be swept away or covered over in more snow in no time.

Animal instincts come to life

Just like we find our inner child in the winter months, our animal instinct is reignited in the midst of a snowstorm.

There is really nothing better than snow zoomies, and I encourage you to give it a go next time you find yourself on a crisp and untouched blanket of snow.

Anything to stay off the roads

Really, I think any winter activity is worthwhile if it keeps you (and me. and everyone.) off the roads during the winter months.

Everyone forgets how the hell to function inside a vehicle, or otherwise, they pretend nothing has changed and drive as if there isn't any snow to be seen.

Four-wheel drive will do NOTHING on an icy street, Peter Pickup Truck, so try going somewhere in the vicinity of the speed limit, why don't ya?

Sometimes it's hard to go on

If you need to bust out your SAD lamp and just scroll through winter memes... you're not alone.

We're all in this together, really. So send this article to someone you know that hates winter and let them know you're here for them, at the very least through the medium of memes.

It's a very strange and trying time of year

We're all just trying to do our best.

But, at least Christmas is over, right?

Some of us face some... special hardships

Or perks, depending on how you look at it.

These hardships highlight our togetherness at the end of the day.

I know my fellow Montrealers and Canadians nationwide are struggling with me as we freeze our noses off waiting for public transit and then sweat uncontrollably once on board.

This is Canada

What else can we say?

It is our burden to bear... and our shared experience to cherish, both the good and the bad.

Sure, a snowstorm sucks while it's happening... but without it, there would be no snow angels.

Stay safe out there, Montreal! And try your best to enjoy it.

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