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36 Climate Strike Sign Ideas For The Montreal Protest September 27 (Photos)

Some inspiration before Friday ๐ŸŒŽ
36 Climate Strike Sign Ideas For The Montreal Protest September 27 (Photos)

Ah, yes. The climate strike sign. In today's climate, both political and environmental, it should come as no surprise that the climate strike poster has become a point of contention on either side of the debate.

Both activists and those who feel striking as a response to the declaration of a Climate Emergency is an overreaction, have felt the need to call out the use of these posters as part of the strike.

But demanding action requires just that: demands. And posters have long been a part of peaceful non-violent demonstrations, as they have the ability to give a lasting impression of a movement of people towards a unified cause.

And it is evident that most of these signs were made from recycled cardboard and other re-used materials, so if they tag along for a couple strikes before being really recycled, there's no harm in that.

(Unless you leave them behind in a trash can where they won't be recycled. If you leave your climate strike posters anywhere other than a designated recycling bin, you done goofed.)

Plus... you could say that these current global strikes all started with one, simple poster.

The one that started it all, a year ago, when Greta Thunberg decided she was going to skip school to protest the inaction of governments in the face of vast and grave scientific forecasts for our planet.

I thought this was a pretty perfect poster to kick it off with - an homage to our girl, Greta, complete with a dig at climate change ignorant, Trump. Nice.

Personally, I'm a fan of the memes and clever pop culture references, like this one here that is riffing on the notoriously popular Lizzo song, Truth Hurts.

I'm just going to put that right here, so you can listen to it while you scroll through the rest of this article.

You're welcome.

Like I said, I also love a good meme, so I had to include this for the one with the This Is Fine dog... although I think maybe it could have said, "This is NOT fine."ย 

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You can never go wrong with a little shock and awe, and I love some "nasty women" telling dirty jokes and demanding climate change action.

And the tried and true pun never fails to impress. Although, these puns are really quite good, especially as I'm particularly fond of political puns.

I think Harry Potter references are like pop culture meme references but special... well, okay, magical.ย 

This one makes a great point. The only point, really.

Essentially, "We'll get out of the street and let you carry on with your day once you address the glaring issue that faces us as a global species."


Another fantastic pun, this time we're playing on the use of the sign as a form of protest, and as an indicator that we may soon roast ourselves out of existence.

The somewhat inevitable air of fatality that lingers is certainly uncomfortable, and I think that's part of the point.

Governments and citizens alike have been aware for years that our behaviours were having detrimental impacts on the planet. Now it seems only with this looming sense of doom have we been able to mobilize has a larger group.

So, of course, there is a supreme energy of hope that is present as well. And with hope comes the ability to make jokes.

The MAGA joke might be done, but that doesn't mean it doesn't git'r done... cause this sign made me laugh. Where my Outlander fans at?

The "fossil fool," idea is very cool to me and highlights one of the biggest issues in Canada, and that is the need to divest in fossil fuels if we are going to move away from our current-day dependence.ย 

There really has been an undeniable underlying protest of Trump at the American rallies, as evidenced by fat baby blimp Trump seen pictured above.

Luckily, our government has at least declared a climate emergency... although, our Environment Minister might still be having a hard time hearing criticism.

Of course, there's been a lot of love for the one and only Mother Earth, too.

And even while speaking of a "mother earth," the focus for demonstrators always comes back to the science.

We need to be listening to scientists and implementing audacious and immediate action steps to try can come back from the precipice we've put ourselves on.ย 

Which is referenced oh so perfectly in the poster below, that makes me instantly think of The Day After Tomorrow.

And luckily for us, even the scientists were out hustling to be heard, even waaaaaaaay up in the Antarctic.


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In fact, there have been some super cool signs from nearly every corner of the earth, like the ones from this march in Karachi, Pakistan.

Even monks in Kathmandu are standing up for climate justice and are demanding a change!

This truly is a global movement that shows individuals everywhere are ready to change the system and change their habits.

Some of the strikes have also featured large demonstrations outside certain targeted buildings.

And I can't say I hate this huge display that really emphasizes the size of the issue at hand.

Go big or go home, right?

Maybe one reason why so many of these signs are so hilarious and awesome is because it really is a youth march and therefore the sense of humour is real with these ones.

Like, you can take the kids off the internet, but you can't take the internet out of the kids.

And of course, it wouldn't be a fight against global warmning without a couple jokes comparing the heat of our planet to good looking humans.

Or just reference to Leonardo DiCaprio in general.

He's kind of like the hot President of Climate Action.

I really liked this inclusion of the man most green, Kermit.

And somehow Shawn Mendes kills it with one tweet.

Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and they have made it damn clear how it's going to be.

No more denial, lies or ignorance. It's time to face the climate crisis head on.

This week's strike in Montreal will take place on Friday, September 27th. It will begin at noon, starting at the George-ร‰tienne Cartier monument on avenue du Parc.

See you there.

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