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5 Places To Take A Self-Defense Course In Montreal

Think of it as a super practical workout!
5 Places To Take A Self-Defense Course In Montreal

Montreal has always felt like a relatively safe city. But with the recent spate of unrelated stabbings in Montreal, leaving two people injured and two people dead, our safety is becoming a concern. And it's always better to be prepared!

We rounded up some of Montreal's best self-defense courses ranging from martial arts disciplines to basic strategy. 

If classes aren't in your budget right now we sent Olivia Lyle to meet with police officer, martial arts and self-defense instructor, George Manoli for tips on the best techniques when someone attacks you.  You can check out the video below.

George Manoli Inc

WHERE: They will travel to you

Manoli has over 35 years of teaching experience. He created his own method of self-defense focusing on survival and engaging your animal instinct, he is quick to point out there are no easy tricks. During courses, he tries to simulate a real attack to give 'victims' the chance to apply his techniques.

Check out the video to see his four main techniques in action.

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P.A.C.T Self Defense 

WHERE: 1270 Ch Herron Unit 225, Dorval

Based on the Japanese martial art of Aikido, PACT (Personal Assault Control Tactics) teaches everyone from beginners training to more advanced weapons disarmament. They specialize in the most recent unarmed self-defense tactics.

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WHERE: 360 Beaubien O.

Krav Maga is a mixed martial art originally developed by the Israeli army. Owner of IIS Krav Maga, Thierry Yossi Cimkauskas, takes this discipline very seriously. He has trained everyone from civilians to law enforcement and the military.

Fun fact: In 2007 Cimkauskas trained Brendan Fraser for The Mummy 3.

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Montreal Assault Prevention Centre

WHERE: 4617 Saint-Denis

This one is a little different from the rest of the list. It's for women onlyand it's FREE. It focuses on common types of assault focused on women from both strangers and known aggressors.

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Académie Serei

WHERE: 6530 Papineau Avenue

Here's another place that has developed its own self-defense program. They pride themselves on the system being easy to learn and extremely effective in violent situations.

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Stay safe out there, Montreal!z

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