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5 Places You Can Let Out Your Rage In Montreal This Summer

If you're angry and you know it, throw an axe.
5 Places You Can Let Out Your Rage In Montreal This Summer

Is it the heat? Has the impending weather warning made us all start to go a little crazy?

Parents are leaving their babies in cars, men are starting fistfights in the metro and then there was that guy who attacked a city bus and won (until he was arrested, that is). 

It's been a wild, rage-filled week in the news.  If anyone is feeling the need to rage out, we found five Montreal places that are perfect to let off some steam. 

Without further ado.. here are 5 places perfect for letting out all your heat-fueled rage in Montreal...

Sports de Combat Montreal

WHERE: 5335 Casgrain Avenue

WHAT: Sometimes you just need to break shit. Smash it to smithereens with a bat or crowbar. It's best to do it
1) To belongings that aren't yours and

That's where the Rage Cage comes in. Find your inner psycho.

COST: $35 per person (10 objects to smash varying in size)

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Skeet Club Montreal 

WHERE: 2070 Chemin du Canal, Les Cedres

WHAT: For this one, you have to drive a bit out of Montreal, but if you've always hated little clay pigeons and want to bust out a shotgun at them, then this is the place to do that.

COST: Annual membership will run you $300 plus rounds and ammunition starting at $18

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Rage Axe Throwing 

WHERE: 1436 rue Amherst and 2909 Taschereau Boulevard

WHAT: Axe throwing is strangely cathartic. The act of choosing an axe and then chucking as hard as you want at a bullseye brings out the inner Canadian lumberjack.

COST: $45-$55 dollars for one hour

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Combat Archery

WHERE: 3955 Rue de Rouen

WHAT: Grab a couple of friends, gear up and shoot your friends with a bow and arrow. Thearrows are foam-tipped but still gives the feeling you're inflicting Hunger Games like damage.

COST: $25 for 80 minutes

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Tir du Soleil

WHERE: 5186 Queen-Mary

WHAT: Shoot guns without the pesky license annoyance. They're air guns but they still pack a punch. Plus they have a Rambo package. Enough said.

COST: Packages from $14.95 to $39.95

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I'd imagine a couple of these places also have air conditioning, so honestly, you can't find a better way to beat the heat and beat back your internal anger.

If you check out one of these places to let out your rage, tag us once you're all zen-ed out and let us know how it goes on Twitter & Instagram.

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